Leakage Reduction Programme works progressing well in Donegal Town

17 February 2023

Uisce Éireann crews have been busy in Donegal Town over the last few months working hard to improve water infrastructure and reduce water outages in the area.

Works to replace more than 860 metres of old water mains in Clareden Drive and Drumlaght are substantially complete, which will significantly reduce bursts and give locals a more reliable water supply. Next in line for water main replacement works is nearby Clar Road and Marian Villas. 

The works along Clar Road and Marian Villas, which are due to begin this month, are a critical step in conserving our precious resource and reducing high levels of leakage which have been a significant source of disruption and outages for customers. Works on Clar Road will involve the replacement of 700 metres of old water mains, while works on Marian Villas will involve the replacement of 500 metres of ageing and problematic front yard service connections.

Uisce Éireann would like to thank all customers in Donegal Town who have engaged with us and assisted us in the provision of our programme to date which will not only result in significant water savings, but will also reduce the number of bursts and outages impacting customers. Projects such as those planned for Marian Villas are only successful if all customers on a shared water connection support and facilitate these vital works so that the old and leaking mains can be decommissioned. 

Speaking about the benefits of the next phase of works scheduled for Donegal Town Uisce Éireann’s Networks Regional Lead Declan Cawley said: “Working with Donegal County Council, we prioritise leakage reduction works in the areas that need it most. Removing old pipes from the public water network in Clareden Drive, Drumlaght and next Clar Road and Marian Villas will have major benefits for the drinking water supply in the area.

Declan continued: “In Marian Villas replacing these old water mains and service connections in poor condition will eliminate existing leaks and significantly reduce the amount of clean drinking water lost into the ground. We would like to thank the local residents in Marian Villas for facilitating these works and working with us to provide a more secure and reliable water supply for generations to come.

Declan added: “Along Clar Road, the project will also involve laying new water service connections from the public water main in the road to customers’ property boundaries and connecting it to the customers’ water supply. Where the existing service connections on the public side are lead these will be replaced as part of this improvement work.

These works will be carried out by Farrans Construction in partnership with Donegal County Council and are due to be completed by the end of April 2023. 

Where water mains are being constructed traffic management will be in place during this time. Local and emergency traffic will be maintained at all times. 

The works along Clar Road will progress along the R267 Clar Road from the Fire Station to the Community Hospital. 

Laying new pipes as part of Uisce Éireann’s National Leakage Reduction Programme will also reduce the amount of treated drinking water lost underground. 

Uisce Éireann customers may experience some short-term interruptions to their water supply, but the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to any planned interruption.

We understand that this type of work can be inconvenient for local residents but work crews will make every effort to minimise any disruptions these necessary works cause. We thank the community for their continued co-operation and patience,” explained Declan.  

Customers with questions about the project can call Uisce Éireann on 1800 278 278 or contact us on Twitter @IWCare. For further updates please see the Uisce Éireann website.

Uisce Éireann is working with local authorities across the country to reduce leakage and provide customers with a more reliable water supply.  Fixing leaks can be complicated but we are making progress. In 2018 the rate of leakage nationally was 46%, by the end of 2021 it was 38% and now we are on track to achieve a national leakage rate of 25% by the end of 2030.

Since 2018, Uisce Éireann has invested more than €500 million to upgrade the underground water network across the country through the delivery of the Leakage Reduction Programme. We are investing a further €250 million every year up to the end of 2030 - fixing leaks and replacing pipes to provide a more reliable water supply.

For more information, visit our National Leakage Reduction Programme.