Hat trick of water saving projects for Galway

02 August 2023

Galway is the place more than 80,000 people proudly call home and Uisce Éireann is equally proud of the contribution we continue to make in providing businesses and residents with a safer, more sustainable water supply. 

Thousands of visitors flock to the county every year to experience the Wild Atlantic Way and savour Galway’s rich culture and heritage. Therefore, providing a safe and reliable water supply to all homes and businesses across Galway is of critical importance. Tourism is a key driver of employment with water being a vital resource to ensure its continued growth and success.

Part of ensuring that safe and reliable drinking water is produced every day in County Galway, is driving down the amount of clean, treated water lost to leakage.

Working in partnership with Galway County Council, Uisce Éireann has already replaced more than 1,695m of old and damaged watermains in An Phairc, Cnocan Mhaic and along the Tuam Road in Athenry. 

The delivery of the National Leakage Reduction Programme is ensuring security of supply, reducing leakage, and putting sustainable water supply at the heart of the Galway water network.

Galway has also benefitted from a very high level of infrastructural improvements in water services, receiving vital investments on water and wastewater upgrades throughout the county.

Outlining the benefits of the national Leakage Reduction Programme, Gerry O’Donnell, Uisce Éireann Programme Manager for Galway, says: “Many of these old and damaged pipes were prone to bursts and high levels of leakage, causing supply challenges for homes and businesses so replacing them with modern pipes reduces the drinking water lost by leakage and brings an all-round improvement to water network for Galway communities."

Since being involved in the Leakage Reduction Programme across County Galway, I have seen first-hand how efforts to tackle leakage have benefited local residents and businesses. The very real impact of these works has been significant leakage savings and a better, more robust supply of water for the people of Galway.”

Through this national Leakage Reduction Programme we have saved millions of litres of clean drinking water every day in Galway. Gerry adds: “We are making progress but have some way to go. We need communities to work with us to deliver these water conservation activities to provide a more sustainable supply of water across Galway”.  

Other leakage reduction workstreams that are a priority for Galway include back yard services, Find and Fix and First Fix Free scheme, all which support driving down leakage in Galway.

Through these savings, water users have assisted in conserving water which will not only result in significant water savings but will ensure security of supply for Galway. So, whether it is for brushing your teeth, preparing your dinner, taking your medicine, or just pure refreshment, water is a vital part of our day, and it is imperative we have a reliable and secure water supply for Galway to serve the communities that depend on it.