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5 October 2020

Minister Darragh O’Brien visits the Blanchardstown Regional Drainage Scheme

Project is being delivered with Fingal County Council

  • Storm water management facility & pumping station in Waterville park
  • 3km of new wastewater pipeline constructed using innocative tunnelling
  • Works scheduled to be completed by 2023

10 September 2020

Do Not Consume water restriction on Kirikee water supply lifted with immediate affect

The drinking water can now be consumed as normal

  • Network flushing has been completed 
  • Water sampling has confirmed that the water is now safe 
  • Issue was due to flooding of the water treatment plant 

3 September 2020

Water main improvement works in Greystones to improve supply and reduce leakage

Works will ensure a more secure water supply for:

  • Upper Grattan Park, Lower Grattan Park,
  • Kindlestown Park and Beechbrook Park
  • Works scheduled to begin Monday 7 September

28 August 2020

Work on-going to repair a wastewater pipe in Bray

An underground wastewater pipe was accidentally hit and damaged during site investigation works 

  • The site investigation works were not related to Irish Water
  • To carry out repairs, Bray pumping station must be is off
  • Crews are onsite working to carry out the repair 

27 August 2020

Progress being made with repairs to a wastewater pipe in Bray

Crews working to carry out repair as quickly and as safely as possible

  • Underground wastewater pipe was accidentally hit
  • We will continue to be updated on progress of repair
  • Precautionary bathing restriction notice at Bray South beach

27 August 2020

Water main replacement works progressing in Ashford, Co. Wicklow

Works part of our Leakage Reduction Programme

  • Replacement of problematic water mains along Main Street
  • Short-term water shut-offs may be necessary
  • Customers will be given minimum of 48 hours’ notice

20 August 2020

Pesticide exceedances continue to be detected in drinking supplies around Ireland

Detection of pesticides may be as a result of specific spraying activities

  • MCPA is a main pesticide being detected
  • Users reminded to use best practice when spraying
  • Basic steps for reducing pesticide risks

14 August 2020

Drinking Water from Vartry and Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plants

Public health queries not related to water supply

  • Plant is compliant with drinking water regulations
  • It is tested daily in conjunction with extensive monitoring
  • Contact centre open 24/7 for queries or concerns

8 July 2020

Water Conservation Order lifted following heavy rainfall and recovery of sources

Lifting of Water Conservation Order better known as the hosepipe ban

  • Lifted following heavy rainfall & recovery of resources
  • Continuing to monitor affected water sources
  • View our video for tips on how to conserve

7 July 2020

EPA Drinking Water Report highlights continuing high quality of public water supply

The EPA has recognised the continuing high quality of the public water supply

  • Over 99% of water samples were in compliance
  • 11 supplies removed from the Remedial Action List
  • 15,000 lead service connections replaced against target of 9,000

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