Read what to do.

Check a Contractor ID

Uisce Éireann staff and any contractors working on Uisce Éireann’s behalf are trained to always identify who they are and who they are representing.

Uisce Éireann staff will always carry an identity card and you should ask to see this before allowing anyone to enter your home or business. If you are unsure or suspicious, please refuse access and call us on 1800 278 278 to verify their identity. 

Recognising a contractor

Uisce Éireann staff and contractors are trained to always present their I.D, identifying who they are and who they're representing. If you are not sure, please call 1800 278 278 to verify the I.D of any of our contractors.

Use the following tips to check a contractor or staff I.D:

  • The front of the Uisce Éireann I.D. card will be Uisce Éireann branded and contain the contractor company details, a picture, name, card number and identity card expiry date
  • The reverse of the card will have the Freephone Uisce Éireann call centre number, an address to return the card if found
  • Our contractors will display their company logo along with the Uisce Éireann logo on their vehicles and signage

Uisce Éireann field staff will NEVER request money from a householder or ask for your PPS number or bank details.

Tips to stay safe

The steps below should help you to deal with people calling to your door. If you are unsure or suspicious, please refuse access.

  • Always look through a window or door viewer before opening the door
  • Only open your door after connecting a door chain lock or placing your foot behind the door
  • Switch on outside lights when it is dark
  • Request and examine identity cards
  • Do not leave strangers alone on your doorstep while you go into another room – always close the door if you need to do this
  • Do not leave strangers alone on your premise