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Regional Water Resources Plan

What is the Regional Water Resources Plan?

Following the adoption of the National Water Resource Plan (NWRP) Framework Plan in the summer of 2021 we commenced with phase 2 of the NWRP. This phase involved publishing four Regional Water Resources Plans for public consultation.

These plans are based on the methodology adopted in the Framework Plan and applying that methodology to the Regional Group Areas of Water Supplies that make up our national public water supply.

The four regions are:

Each Regional-Water Resources Plan:

  • Applied the Framework Methodology to the Regional Group Areas of Water Supplies
  • Developed regional solutions for all water supplies within these group areas.

The regional solutions will be combined and prioritised collectively on adoption of all four RWRPs at a national level.

Each of the four draft RWRPs and associated environmental reports had their own public consultation phases.

The adoption of the Regional Water Resources Plan - South East (RWRP-SE) has completed the second and final development phase of the National Water Resources Plan. The four Regional Water Resources Plans along with our Framework Plan, comprise Ireland's first NWRP.