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Strategic Plans

View our plans to find out how we are upgrading Ireland's drinking water supply and wastewater treatment.

Uisce Éireann workers on a platform in the sea

Capital Investment Plan

The Capital Investment Plan 2020-2024 is Uisce Éireann's 5 year investment plan for water and wastewater assets and infrastructure to 2024.  As the national water utility, Uisce Éireann is delivering improvements to water and wastewater services throughout Ireland where they are needed most urgently based on a clearly defined set of priorities.

Uisce Éireann Strategic Funding Plan

The Uisce Éireann Strategic Funding Plan sets out Uisce Éireann's multi-annual strategic funding requirement of €11bn to 2024, comprised of a €6.1bn investment in infrastructure and assets and €4.9bn in operating costs. This funding requirement will be met through a combination of non-domestic revenue, excess usage charges, government subvention, non-domestic borrowings and capital contributions.

Water Services Strategic Plan

The Water Services Strategic Plan is Ireland's first integrated national plan for the delivery of a transformed water and wastewater network. The WSSP is an essential part of ensuring the availability of safe drinking water as well as protecting the environment from the impacts of wastewater discharges.

Interim Pesticide Strategy

The Interim Pesticide Strategy is a national strategy to protect drinking water sources from pesticide contamination and to improve the quality of sources, in order to safeguard human health and the aquatic environment. Uisce Éireann work collaboratively with stakeholders who share the common goal of reducing the risk of pesticide contamination.

somebody pouring a glass of water into a glass from a faucet

National Water Resources Plan (NWRP)

The NWRP is our plan to identify how we will provide a sustainable, secure and reliable water supply to our customers for now and into the future whilst safeguarding the environment. It is a 25 year strategy to ensure we have a sustainable, secure and reliable drinking water supply for everyone.

National Wastewater Sludge Management Plan (NWSMP)

The NWSMP sets out a nationwide standardised approach to ensure that treated wastewater sludge across the country is effectively managed, stored, transported and re-used or disposed of in a sustainable way, to the benefit of the public and the environment we all live in.

Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Plan

Uisce Éireann developed the Lead Mitigation Plan to identify how we are tackling national issues like the impact of lead pipes on drinking water. When water leaves our treatment plants it is lead free and our records show that there are no lead public water mains in Ireland. However, lead plumbing was widely used in houses built before the 1980's.

Want to know more about our National Projects?

Our National Projects are concerned with the improvement and enhancement of water quality, supply, and wastewater services on a national level.