This investment of €24 million will deliver seven new wastewater treatment plants in towns and villages across Co. Waterford including Ardmore, Ballyduff/Kilmeadan, Cappoquin, Dunmore East, Kilmacthomas, Stradbally and Tallow. These areas include seaside towns with busy tourist trades and popular fishing locations.

The new water collection systems and treatment plants will replace the existing old and inadequate wastewater treatment facilities which can create issues around water quality in local rivers and can also have a negative impact on tourism potential in these areas. The new wastewater treatment plants will serve a future Population Equivalent (PE) of 22,700.

Location Multiple towns and villages, Co. Waterford
Investment €24 million
Status Completed

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Protect and improve the water quality in receiving waters at seven locations across Co. Waterford.
  • Allow for economic development and population growth.
  • Ensure that treated wastewater complies with EU regulations.
  • Enhance tourism potential.
  • Enable the beach at Ardmore to achieve Blue Flag Status.

Latest News

  • Sewage is now being treated at all 7 plants including:
    • Ardmore
    • Dunmore East
    • Cappoquinn
    • Ballyduff/Kilmeaden
    • Tallow
    • Stradbally
    • Kilmacthomas

What is involved in this project?

  1. Constructing seven new wastewater treatment plants on new sites with a common treatment plant serving the villages of Ballyduff and Kilmeaden.
  2. Constructing the plants to include primary and secondary treatment processes.
  3. Sludge generated at the treatment plants as a by-product of the treatment process will be transported to sludge treatment centres at Dungarvan and Portlaw for further treatment and reuse on agricultural lands.
  4. Provisioning for increase in holiday homes and projected local population figures.

What are the next steps?

Construction and fit-out works will be completed in Stradbally and Kilmacthomas Wastewater Treatment Plants in the next month and it is anticipated the flows will be  diverted into these plants by early Summer 2016.

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