This new water treatment plant will see a long-term boil water notice lifted for over 5000 people in the Roscommon region.

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Removal of 5,400 people from a long-term boil water notice
  • Reduce Trihalomethanes (THMs) in the drinking water by introducing a coagulation treatment process
  • Provide an interim UV cryptosporidium barrier to improve drinking water quality.
  • Ensure a sustainable supply of quality drinking water

What is involved in this project?

  1. Installing a temporary filtration and UV treatment system at the plant to improve drinking water until the new plant is completed
  2. Constructing a new water treatment plant with intake works, site and ancillary works and associated pipelines.

What are the next steps?

The interim treatment system is complete and the boil water notice has been lifted. 

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