This investment will replace the old septic tank systems with modern wastewater treatment plants

What are the benefits of this project?

  • To provide wastewater treatment capacity for the Catchment Area for a planning horizon of twenty years including preliminary treatment, secondary treatment and phosphorous and ammonia removal
  • To comply with current E.U. Directives relating to Wastewater Treatment of discharges from urban agglomerations
  • To make adequate provisions for this vital infrastructure to facilitate the overall growth and physical development of the town and surrounding areas 

What is involved in this project

  1. Designing and constructing new wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, detention tanks, outfall pipes and rising mains in Dungloe and Glenties to serve 4,000 Population Equivalent (PE).
  2. Redesigning and upgrading the existing pumping station in Dungloe.
  3. Building of new access roads to the new wastewater treatment facilities and pumping stations.
  4. Designing and constructing pressure outfall pipelines and overflow pipes.
  5. Constructing new gravity sewerage systems in Dungloe and Glenties (including the rehabilitation of existing gravity pipelines in both towns).
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