This €22.9 million project investment is needed to address the continuous quality failures of existing plants and the lack of appropriate wastewater treatment processes on associated sewerage schemes serving the towns of Belmullet, Foxford and Charlestown in County Mayo.

Raw effluent is being discharged to Broadhaven Bay due to the absence of suitable wastewater treatment for Belmullet and the existing plants serving Foxford and Charlestown are both working above their design capacity and are overloaded on a daily basis.  This project will involve constructing two new wastewater treatment plants, upgrades to an existing plant, the incorporation of primary, secondary and/or tertiary treatment processes at the plants, the replacement and upgrading of pumping stations and associated network and new outfall pipes where necessary.

Location Co. Mayo
Investment €22.9 million
Status In Progress
Completion Date Winter 2019

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Ensure treated wastewater complies with EPA standards and EU Legislation
  • Allow for future population growth and economic development.
  • Reduce risk of pollution to the nearby watercourses  and coastal areas
  • Improve coastal water quality and protect bathing areas

What is involved in this project?

  1. Constructing a new Wastewater Treatment Plant on a greenfield site on the Toorglass Road. The new plant will provide for a population equivalent (PE) of 2,500.
  2. Constructing a new marine outfall pipe into Blacksod Bay. The marine outfall pipe will eliminate the existing discharge of untreated effluent from Belmullet town into Broadhaven Bay.
  3. Constructing two new pumping stations on Sea Road and at the Quay.
  4. Rehabilitation of the existing wastewater network at 180 separate locations on the existing network. This will include 1.5km of new foul sewers and 0.15km of surface water sewer.
  5. Constructing an access road will be constructed from Toorglass Road to the Wastewater Treatment Plant site.

Latest News

  • Pipeline work is almost complete
  • Work is well advanced on the wastewater treatment plant site
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