Lamberton Reservoir serves the Arklow Water Supply Scheme in Co. Wicklow. The existing tower and small reservoir were constructed in the 1930s. A structural survey was carried out at the site and based on the findings, it was necessary to reconstruct the small reservoir and rehabilitate the tower at Lamberton. The newer large reservoir at the site will also undergo rehabilitation works as part of this €900,000 project.

Location Lamberton, Co. Wicklow
Investment €900,000
Status Completed

What are the benefits of this project?

  • Secure the water supply for those being served by Lamberton Reservoir
  • Extend the service life of the tower and reservoirs
  • Upgrade facilities at the site

Latest News

  • Refurbishment of the Tower and Small Reservoir is complete.

What is involved in this project?

  1. Decommissioning the existing underground concrete reservoir and constructing a new precast concrete reservoir in its place.
  2. Rehabilitating a second underground large concrete reservoir.
  3. Rehabilitating of the tower reservoir.

What are the next steps?

Irish Water are now progressing with the refurbishment of the larger Reservoir.

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