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10 August 2018

Irish Water and Kerry County Council deploy divers across the county as conservation efforts continue

Divers gathered information at six locations across the county

  • Leak investigation undertaken
  • Divers measured the volume of water available for production
  • Appropriate positioning of pipes was examined

2 August 2018

Research shows over 50% of those surveyed underestimate daily usage by half

The average person uses 129 litres of water a day   

  • 56% believe they use less than 50 litres per day
  • 34% believe they use between 51 and 200 litres per day
  • 10% believe they use over 200 litres per day

27 July 2018

Extension confirmed for duration of Water Conservation Order and continuance of water pressure reductions in the Greater Dublin Area

Water supply situation will remain critical up to and possibly beyond mid-August. 

  • Rainfall will not be at a level to assist recovery of raw water sources
  • Water Conservation Order extended to 31 August
  • Continuance of GDA water restrictions for further 2 weeks

20 July 2018

Continued urge for homes and businesses to conserve water despite change in weather

Water supplies under pressure due to drought conditions

  • It will take sustained rainfall to replenish raw water levels
  • Please continue to conserve water where possible
  • Report any leaks you see on the public network 

17 July 2018

Official opening of new Kenmare Water Treatment Plant to provide safe, secure supply of water to over 2,000 people

A safer and more reliable water supply for community

  • Facilities include a cryptosporidium barrier
  • Project will facilitate the removal of supply from RAL
  • Project will provide 24 hours reservoir storage capacity

6 July 2018

Public urged to conserve water as drought conditions continue

Driest June on record since 1850

  • Please conserve water and protect supplies
  • National Water Conservation Order in place
  • Please continue to report all leaks on the public network

4 July 2018

Water Conservation Order (hosepipe ban) now in place nationwide as drought continues

Demand for water is outstripping supplies as warm weather continues

  • Please continue to report all leaks on the public network
  • Urgent need to preserve our scarce water resources
  • Every effort you make at home or at work will help

3 July 2018

Water supply continues to be monitered to all customers on the Central Regional Water Supply Scheme

Updates will be provided throughout the day

  • Pumps are slowly refilling reservoirs
  • Alternative water supplies in place
  • Customer care helpline 1850 278 278

2 July 2018

Irish Water and Kerry County Council prioritising returning water supply to all Customers on Central Regional Water Supply Scheme

Latest update on burst water main in Killarney

  • Working to restore a full water supply
  • Crews worked throughout the night
  • Alternative water supplies available

2 July 2018

Public asked to take sustained action to conserve water as drought conditions are increasingly reducing capacity in rivers and lakes

Please report any leaks you see on the public water network

  • Improvements seen in Greater Dublin region
  • Demand on water supplies remains high
  • Please conserve water where possible

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