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24 September 2020

Works at Seamount reservoir as part of the Malahide water supply scheme

Works in partnership with Fingal County Council

  • Tuesday 29 September between 9am and 5pm
  • Customers in Malahide Marina & Robswell areas may be affected
  • It can take 2-3 hours for full supply to return to all areas

24 September 2020

Work on-going to restore water supply to customers in parts of Howth following a burst water main

Crews are working to repair the burst watermain as quickly and as safely as possible

  • Areas affected while the repairs are underway are
  • Balkill Road; Carrickbrack Road Upper; Kitestown Road;
  • New Road; The Summit; Thormanby Road; Windgate Rise/Road

22 September 2020

Water main improvement works in Brackenstown

Works are in partnership with Fingal County Council

  • Already underway and are scheduled to be completed in mid-October
  • Areas of work limited to short sections to minimise customer impact
  • Some shut-offs and prior notice will be given

18 September 2020

Barrow Extension project progressing to safeguard the water supply to homes and businesses in Kildare and wider GDA

Project will help build resilience in the network

  • Strategic link between Srowland and Ballymore Eustace water treatment plants
  • An additional 18 million litres of drinking water per day
  • Works due to start mid-September

17 September 2020

Work on-going to restore water supply to customers in parts of Swords following a burst water main

Properties in the following areas may be impacted by disruption to their supply Some intro text can go here followed by two or three bullet points

  • Rathbeale Road, Church Road, Brackenstown Road
  • Glasmore Park and Castle Shopping Centre
  • Repairs are expected to be completed by 9pm

16 September 2020

Works commencing on Loughshinny wastewater project

Works are in partnership with Fingal County Council

  • New wastewater pumping station at Loughshinny Beach
  • 2.5km of new pipeline to Skerries wastewater collection network
  • Section of Loughshinny beach carpark closed until January 2021

1 September 2020

Water safe to drink as MIB identified as cause of smell and taste in drinking water in parts of Kildare and Dublin

MIB is not harmful to human health and has no public health significance

  • Specialist testing indicated low levels of MIB
  • MIB is a naturally occurring substance
  • Water is safe to drink

28 August 2020

Major network upgrade in the Blanchardstown area

Cruiserath Road Water Network Upgrade is a key project

  • Significant benefits for the local area
  • Works to start on Monday, 31 August 2020 
  • Construction of 700m of new watermain 

27 August 2020

Leak detection works progressing on Frederick Street North, Gardiner Place, Temple Street

Areas affected:

  • North Circular Road; Portland Place; Summerhill;
  • Sean O’Casey Avenue; Fitzgibbon Street; Belvedere Court;
  • Frederick Street North and surrounding areas

20 August 2020

Pesticide exceedances continue to be detected in drinking supplies around Ireland

Detection of pesticides may be as a result of specific spraying activities

  • MCPA is a main pesticide being detected
  • Users reminded to use best practice when spraying
  • Basic steps for reducing pesticide risks

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