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14 July 2020

Water main replacement works underway in Abbey Road and Marlfield Road, Clonmel

Works will ensure a more secure and reliable water supply

  • More than 1,470 metres of old water mains will be replaced
  • Laying of over 65 new water service connections
  • Minimum 48 hour notice for short-term shut offs

8 July 2020

Water Conservation Order lifted following heavy rainfall and recovery of sources

Lifting of Water Conservation Order better known as the hosepipe ban

  • Lifted following heavy rainfall & recovery of resources
  • Continuing to monitor affected water sources
  • View our video for tips on how to conserve

7 July 2020

EPA Drinking Water Report highlights continuing high quality of public water supply

The EPA has recognised the continuing high quality of the public water supply

  • Over 99% of water samples were in compliance
  • 11 supplies removed from the Remedial Action List
  • 15,000 lead service connections replaced against target of 9,000

17 June 2020

Overnight restrictions to be introduced in The Commons Water Supply

Overnight restrictions are being introduced starting tonight, Wednesday 17 June

  • Restrictions will be in place from 10pm-7am
  • Areas affected: Ballingarry, Boulea,
  • Black Common, Rocky Road

2 June 2020

Works underway to safeguard water supplies to customers on the Coalbrook area

Supplies have become depleted due to the recent spell of dry weather

  • Water tankers installed in the Kilbraugh and Earlshill areas
  • Disused borehole to be reactivated
  • Please conserve water where possible

1 June 2020

Water Conservation Order ‘increasingly likely’ as demand for water soars and drought conditions prevail

Handwashing and hygiene remain critically important

  • Please choose handwashing over power washing
  • Domestic water usage increased by an average of 20%
  • Increase in commercial demand as businesses reopen

29 May 2020

Works to restore water supply to customers in the Kilross area

Essential repairs to watermain in Kilross area today, Friday 29 May

  • Areas affected: Bruce Walk, Lattin, Shronel,
  • Galbally Road, Roseborough, Kilross
  • Works estimated to be completed by 4.30pm

22 May 2020

Irish Water launches advice for businesses re-opening premises

Launch of new section to help ensure internal water and wastewater systems are made safe

  • Tips to bring systems and devices back into use
  • Issued listed relating to un-used water in buildings
  • Working to maintain a safe & reliable public water supply

12 May 2020

Public urged to choose handwashing over powerwashing as domestic water usage increases by an average of 20%

Households are using an additional 24 litres of water per person per day

  • Important to follow HSE guidance on hand-washing
  • Appealing to prioritise handwashing over powerwashing
  • View our video for tips on how to conserve

8 April 2020

Pesticide exceedances/detections continue across the country this year

Farmers and other users reminded to use best practice when spraying

  • Improper use means pesticides can end up in drinking water
  • Regulations for pesticides are very stringent
  • Basic steps for reducing pesticide risks

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