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26 March 2021

Burst watermain supplying customers in Ratoath, Ashbourne repaired

The repair works are now complete and water supply will begin to be restored 

  • Customers may experience temporary disruptions such low water pressure 
  • Please conserve water where possible as water refills the network 
  • Some customers may have airlocks in their internal plumbing

15 March 2021

Major water main project to begin in North Dublin

Project involves the construction of an additional trunk watermain between Ballycoolin Reservoir and Swords

  • Construction works are set to begin in the coming weeks
  • Project is expected to take two years to complete
  • Roadbridge Limited have signed the contract to deliver this project 

15 March 2021

Works underway to restore water supply to Ballivor customers

Customers in Ballivor, Glack, Muchwood, Carranstown and surrounding areas are impacted

  • Repair works are set to continue until 1am on 16 March
  • It may take 2-3 hours for supply to return once works finish
  • Customers are asked to conseve water where possible

10 March 2021

Project to safeguard the water supply across Kildare and GDA

Project will build resilience in the water distribution network

  • Link between Srowland and Ballymore Eustace treatment plants
  • Barrow Extension will provide additional 18 million litres per day
  • Project will support future growth and ensure a reliable supply 

10 March 2021

CRU announces new date of 1 October 2021 for implementation of new water tariff framework

A new non-domestic tariff framework for Irish Water’s business customers 

  • The changes were deferred due to Covid-19
  • The new date provide certainty for businesses
  • New framework was due to go-live on 1 May

8 March 2021

Essential infrastructural upgrade works in Dublin 15

Works started on 1 March, 2021 and are scheduled to be completed within 8 weeks

  • Disruption to some supply between 3pm 9 March and 3am 10 March
  • Dunboyne, Loughsallagh, Clonee, Stirling Road, Damastown, Littlepace,
  • Williamstown, Allendale, Ongar, Mount Symon, Portersgate, Hartstown

25 February 2021

Works underway to maintain water supply to customers in Enfield following an interruption at the water treatment plant

Customers in Moyfenrath, Gleniden, The Courtyard, Delmear and surrounds may be experiencing supply disruptions

  • Works are scheduled to be completed today
  • It may take 2-3 hours for supply to return once works finish
  • Customers are advised to continue to follow the HSE guidance on hand-washing

16 February 2021

Irish Water announce flagship project for the Greater Dublin Area with building of new reservoir

We are progressing with the building of a new reservoir in Saggart

  • This state of the art reservoir will store 100 million litres of treated drinking water
  • Construction works are due to begin in March
  • Works are expected to be completed within 3 years

3 February 2021

Advice for winterproofing your business premises if unoccupied during Covid-19 restrictions

Business owners can help avoid these issues, expensive repairs and a disrupted water supply, by taking a few preventative measures.

  • It is important to continue the regular maintenance of your buildings
  • Turn off your water while the premises are vacant
  • Drain down the system to ensure that there is no risk of damage from burst pipes 

2 February 2021

Irish Water completes upgrade to Staleen Water Treatment Plant safeguarding the water supply for homes and businesses in Drogheda, South Louth and East Meath

Over 70,000 homes and businesses have had their water supply removed from the Remedial Action List (RAL). 

  • Significant upgrades were carried out at the Staleen Water Treatment Plant 
  • Critical watermain which supplies water to the treatment plant was replaced
  • Risk of poor turbidity removal and generation of excessive THMs has been addressed

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