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2 June 2020

Customers advised in St Lelia Street in Limerick of possible water outages on Wednesday 3 June due to essential repairs

Works form part of national Leakage Reduction Programme

  • Customers may be impacted
  • Full supply may take 2-3 hours to return
  • Customer Care helpline 1850 278 278

1 June 2020

Water Conservation Order ‘increasingly likely’ as demand for water soars and drought conditions prevail

Handwashing and hygiene remain critically important

  • Please choose handwashing over power washing
  • Domestic water usage increased by an average of 20%
  • Increase in commercial demand as businesses reopen

22 May 2020

Irish Water launches advice for businesses re-opening premises

Launch of new section to help ensure internal water and wastewater systems are made safe

  • Tips to bring systems and devices back into use
  • Issued listed relating to un-used water in buildings
  • Working to maintain a safe & reliable public water supply

22 May 2020

Completion of Adare sewer extension work will support growth and development of the village

Upgrade work required to address capacity issues and improve operational performance

  • Laying of 365m of new sewer & seven manholes
  • Project finshed early thanks to local community
  • Normal traffic movement has resumed

20 May 2020

Do Not Consume Notice lifted for all customers supplied by the Carrigmore Water Supply Scheme

Do Not Consume Notice lifted for Carrigmore Water Supply Scheme

  • Customers can resume normal use of supply
  • Notice due to elevated levels of nitrate
  • Notice applied to approx. 180 customers

19 May 2020

Works to safeguard water supplies in Oola, Co Limerick

Night-time restrictions will be required to maintain critical water supply

  • Burst pipe over weekend has since been fixed
  • Examining alternative options to supplement existing supply
  • Conserve water where possible

19 May 2020

Essential works to improve sewer network in Limerick city centre

Works will clear blockages and address structural issues

  • Works to address odour issues, reduce flooding
  • Works underway this week
  • Standard working hours: Monday - Saturday 7am-6pm

15 May 2020

Boil Water Notice remains in place for Fedamore Public Water Supply

Boil Water Notice remains for all customers on the Fedamore Public Water Supply

  • Notice remains in place following an increase in turbidity
  • investigating the feasibility of sinking a new borehole
  • Customers are advised to boil water before use

13 May 2020

Do Not Consume Notice Remains in place for Carrigmore Water Supply

Do Not Consume Notice remains in place for all consumers on the Carrigmore Water Supply

  • A water tanker will be in place at the old creamery yard at Toher
  • Customers reminded to use their own containers when taking water
  • Customers also reminded to boil water before consumption

12 May 2020

Public urged to choose handwashing over powerwashing as domestic water usage increases by an average of 20%

Households are using an additional 24 litres of water per person per day

  • Important to follow HSE guidance on hand-washing
  • Appealing to prioritise handwashing over powerwashing
  • View our video for tips on how to conserve

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