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17 July 2019

Water conservation campaign launched to encourage the public to use only what they need

52% of the public acknowledge that they waste water

  • We all have to play a part in conserving water
  • Small measures can have a big impact
  • Safe, clean, treated water is not in unlimited supply

13 June 2019

Working to improve performance of Limerick’s sewer network

Survey will assess the capacity, condition and performance level of the sewer network.

  • Survey of 22 kilometres of sewers
  • Mapping and inspecting approx 2,000 manholes
  • Survey results will inform the Drainage Area Plans for Limerick City

13 June 2019

Improving Limerick’s sewer network

First time a survey of this scale has been carried out in the city

  • Works will protect the environment
  • Support social and economic development
  • Minor road works around manholes will be required

13 June 2019

Pesticide exceedances on the rise in some counties

Farmers and other users urged to use best practice when spraying

  • Improper use means pesticides can end up in drinking water
  • Regulations for pesticides are very stringent
  • Basic steps for reducing pesticide risks

31 May 2019

Urging people in East and South Limerick to help conserve water

Lack of rainfall has caused a drop in water levels

  • Night time restrictions may be necessary
  • Tankering water directly into the network
  • Tips on how to conserve water

19 May 2019

Works underway to restore water supply in Dooradoyle following a water main burst

Crews have been mobilised and will repair the burst as soon as possible.

  • Homes and businesses may be impacted by water outages during repairs
  • Once repairs complete it can take a number of hours for sormal supply to return
  • Updates available on our Supply and Service Section

16 May 2019

World class water analysis laboratory planned for Limerick

Limerick selected as planned location for new national laboratory

  • Will receive up to 250,000 water & wastewater samples annually
  • State of the art equipment for microbiological and chemical analysis 
  • Enhance work in protecting the public health

3 May 2019

Ensuring delivery of first class water services for Limerick customers

Upgrading the fleet of water services vans in Limerick

  • Improving the services we offer
  • Working in a safe and efficient manner
  • Delivering quality water and wastewater services

27 April 2019

Customers asked to conserve water in areas impacted by Storm Hannah

Small pockets are experiencing issues with water supply

  • Counties Kerry, Clare, Limerick, Waterford and Meath affected
  • Issues as a result of power outages in the area
  • Customers asked to conserve water in impacted areas

15 April 2019

Replacing old water mains in Ardpatrick and Ballingaddy

Creating a more secure and reliable water supply for the area

  • Replacing approximately 5.4km of old water mains
  • Expected to be completed within 10 weeks
  • Traffic management will be in place

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