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10 March 2021

CRU announces new date of 1 October 2021 for implementation of new water tariff framework

A new non-domestic tariff framework for Irish Water’s business customers 

  • The changes were deferred due to Covid-19
  • The new date provide certainty for businesses
  • New framework was due to go-live on 1 May

12 February 2021

Works complete on the Croom Water Supply Scheme

Supply now removed from the EPA Remedial Action List

  • Works were in partnership with Limerick City & County Council
  • New production well and disinfection system developed
  • Investment benefits over 1,700 customers

3 February 2021

Advice for winterproofing your business premises if unoccupied during Covid-19 restrictions

Business owners can help avoid these issues, expensive repairs and a disrupted water supply, by taking a few preventative measures.

  • It is important to continue the regular maintenance of your buildings
  • Turn off your water while the premises are vacant
  • Drain down the system to ensure that there is no risk of damage from burst pipes 

1 February 2021

Clean Coasts and Irish Water want you to Break Up With Plastic and Think Before You Flush

Clean Coasts are raising awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet and marine life

  • Clean Coasts want to hear your stories on ditching plastic products
  • Ireland is the number one plastic waste producer in the EU
  • Ireland also has the fourth lowest recycling rate

22 January 2021

Irish Water extends public consultation of the first National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) until 1 March 2021

To safeguard public health, facilitate growth and meet the challenges of climate change over the next 25 years

  • The NWRP will provide a country-wide analysis
  • Calculate the demand for now and into the future
  • A twelve-week public consultation will seek feedback

18 December 2020

Disruption to water supply in Glin likely over coming days

Customers may experience supply disruptions due to issues with the water main feeding the local reservoir.

  • Works will continue throughout the weekend
  • Water tankers will be available at Glin Village
  • Water from tankers should also be boiled before use

17 November 2020

Irish Water and Limerick City & County Council replacing old water mains in the Kilcolman area

Works are being undertaken from the junction of the R518 and L1213, due south towards the Ahalin/Knockaderry road.

  • Works may result in some short-term water shut-offs
  • Traffic management measures will be in place
  • Works due be completed by early 2021

23 October 2020

Essential sewer upgrade works in Limerick city centre completed

Works to upgrade the sewer network on O'Connell Street are now complete

  • Sewer upgrade project works started in May 
  • Works were for the long-term benefit of businesses and residents in the city centre
  • Issues with odours and sewer flooding have now been addressed

17 September 2020

Limerick hurlers on the ball when it comes to tackling leakage

Limerick hurlling duo tackling water leakage

  • Customer Engagement Surveyors Darragh O'Donovan and Kyle Hayes
  • Encouraging take up of First Fix Free scheme
  • Check out our Leakage Reduction Programme for more

10 September 2020

Water main replacement works to commence on St Nessan's Road, Limerick City

Works are part of the national Leakage Reduction Programme

  • Replacing 1.4km of problematic mains
  • Works commence September 14
  • Works expected to be complete in 12 weeks

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