Once the meter box or water meter is installed, we will knock on your door (on the same day or in the days following) to check that your water supply is working correctly and to confirm that the meter we’ve installed is directly connected to your supply.

Where we’ve installed a meter box, we will restore the excavated area to a similar condition. This is an essential part of the work, and again, we will try whenever possible, to keep disruption to a minimum. This ground repair work might initially be temporary. We will complete permanent reinstatement typically within three working days but within a maximum of ten working days.

We cannot guarantee that the repair material used, such as concrete or tarmacadam, will match the material that was there before, but we will do our best to return it to a similar condition and in accordance with protocols agreed between Irish Water and the Local Authorities. It is important to realise that the colour of new materials will be different from the original surface for a time.

*Note that the colour of the surface may differ slightly due to weathering on the old surface, but that this will blend after some time.

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