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Learn how to check for a leak and find out how we are repairing leaks in homes across Ireland.

Check for leaks

Repairing leaks reduces water loss and can help to prevent issues like reduced water pressure. See how you can check for a leak on your property.

Leakage Reduction Programme

Our national programme of works is tackling the amount of water lost by fixing or replacing ageing and leaking pipes across every county.

Report a leak

If you spot a leak on public property, report it to us using our quick online form and we will investigate.

Repairs with First Fix Free

First Fix Free is our scheme for repairing leaks in homes across Ireland. These repairs are an important part of reducing the amount of water we lose every year.

Conserve water

Water is a valuable resource. By using only what we need in our homes, we can all contribute to building a sustainable water supply for everyone.