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Capital Investment Plan 2020 - 2024

The Capital Investment Plan 2020-2024 is Uisce Éireann's 5 year investment plan for water and wastewater assets and infrastructure to 2024.  As the national water utility, Uisce Éireann is delivering improvements to water and wastewater services throughout Ireland where they are needed most urgently based on a clearly defined set of priorities.

Uisce Éireann's primary function is to provide clean drinking water to customers and to treat and return wastewater safely to the environment. In providing these services we play a central role in enabling economic growth, protecting both the environment and the health and safety of our customers and the public.

In preparing the Investment Plan, Uisce Éireann has optimised investment decisions by prioritising the best possible service improvements, while maximising value-for-money.

The Capital Investment Plan was prepared within the regulatory framework which is set out in legislation. Under this framework, Uisce Éireann submits its plans in advance to our financial regulator, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), for our proposed operational and investment spending in revenue funding "cycles". The current investment plan relates to the funding cycle referred to as "Revenue Control 3" (RC3) and covers the period from 2020-2024. It follows an extensive CRU led stakeholder consultation process during 2018-2019.  

In order to provide an overview of how Uisce Éireann plans and prioritises our investment we have also prepared an Explanatory Summary booklet for the Capital Investment Plan.

The full Capital Investment Plan 2020-2024 including all consultation documents are available on the Commission for Regulation of Utilities website.

The building, repair and upgrading of Uisce Éireann's water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, water and sewer network requires a multi-billion euro investment programme over many years. Our plan prioritises key outcomes such as reducing leakage, ensuring at-risk water supplies are removed from the EPA's Remedial Action List, dealing with areas where raw sewage is discharged to rivers, lakes and the sea (untreated agglomerations), and addressing areas identified by the European Court of Justice that do not comply with the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.

Investment includes individual projects like building new or upgrading existing water and wastewater treatment plants or upgrading existing networks. It also includes national programmes like leakage reduction or disinfection programmes where important activities are being delivered at a large scale in a consistent and efficient way across the country.

We have provided a full list of the capital projects and programmes included in the Investment Plan to 2024. You can keep up to date on the progress of projects in your area on our Projects page.

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