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No overnight water restrictions for Rosegreen area on Galtee Regional Water Supply Scheme

Information below is relevant until further updates are provided here or on our Supply and Service Updates section.

The community in Rosegreen is being asked to continue to conserve water to help replenish reservoir levels

Night-time water restrictions that have been in place in Rosegreen and surrounding areas, due to high demand combined with low rainfall levels, have been lifted.

Uisce Éireann and Tipperary County Council wish to thank the people of Rosegreen for their patience and continued efforts to conserve water especially during the current drought conditions. 

Speaking about the importance of conserving water all year round and especially during the warmer summer months when demand is higher, Uisce Éireann's Regional Operations Lead Colin Cunningham said,

"The restrictions in Rosegreen were necessary to give the reservoirs time to replenish and allowed us to maintain water supply to homes and businesses during daytime hours."

"We will continue to monitor water levels and may have to impose further restrictions if we get another good spell of weather and low rainfall again. I would ask that everyone in Tipperary, to continue to play their part by conserving water where possible this summer."

"While we enjoy the sunshine it is important that we all consider our water usage and look at simple yet impactful ways to conserve water. It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, but even small changes can make a significant difference - and we can all play our part. By turning off the hose and avoiding power washing we can all help ensure there is enough water for everyone as we go through the summer. For more simple ways to conserve water check out the Uisce Éireann website where our conservation calculator can help people work out how much water they are currently saving and how they can conserve even more." 

"We will continue to monitor the levels at all our supplies over the coming weeks and months and take any actions that may be necessary to maintain supplies, including communicating about localised issues as they arise."

Members of the public can report any leaks in the public water network by contacting Uisce Éireann 24/7 at 1800 278 278 or on

Uisce Éireann are asking the public to help play their part in protecting essential water supplies for their local communities.

There are a number of easy steps people can take to reduce their water usage during the hot weather, including: 

  • Avoid power washing and keep the garden hose in the shed
  • Check for leaks on outdoor taps or troughs as these can lead to large losses of treated water
  • Remember that paddling pools and swimming pools can use huge volumes of water so try to minimise the amount of water used and consider reusing the water for the garden or cleaning the car.
  • Report any visible leaks on the public network to Uisce Éireann

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