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2 August 2018

Williamstown water supply removed from the RAL (Remedial Action List)

Williamstown scheme was on the RAL because it was at risk for THM formulation

  • The old Williamstown water plant has been decommissioned
  • Extension of the Lough Mask water supply to Williamstown and Ballinlough
  • Only remaining Galway scheme on the RAL is the Ballinasloe

2 August 2018

Research shows over 50% of those surveyed underestimate daily usage by half

The average person uses 129 litres of water a day   

  • 56% believe they use less than 50 litres per day
  • 34% believe they use between 51 and 200 litres per day
  • 10% believe they use over 200 litres per day

27 July 2018

Extension confirmed for duration of Water Conservation Order and continuance of water pressure reductions in the Greater Dublin Area

Water supply situation will remain critical up to and possibly beyond mid-August. 

  • Rainfall will not be at a level to assist recovery of raw water sources
  • Water Conservation Order extended to 31 August
  • Continuance of GDA water restrictions for further 2 weeks

26 July 2018

Irish Water to develop Drainage Area Plans in Galway

Drainage Area Plans set to begin in Galway City including Barna and Oranmore

  • Contracts have been signed by the utility and RPS
  • Works will involve using CCTV to survey and assess
  • Works have been prioritised to address critical issues

24 July 2018

Night time water restrictions in place on Aran islands from 8pm to 8am daily

Water conservation appealed for water as drought conditions continue and restrictions are extended

  • Restrictions with immediate effect on Inis Meáin 
  • Inis Mór and Inis Oírr restriction to continue with further evening restriction likely
  • Irish Water continues to monitor water usage and water source levels

20 July 2018

Continued urge for homes and businesses to conserve water despite change in weather

Water supplies under pressure due to drought conditions

  • It will take sustained rainfall to replenish raw water levels
  • Please continue to conserve water where possible
  • Report any leaks you see on the public network 

13 July 2018

Public are urged to conserve water in the Aran Islands as drought conditions continue and restrictions are extended

National Water Conservation Order currently in place

  • Night time restrictions in Inis Mór and Inis Oirr
  • Please continue to report all leaks on the public network
  • Please conserve water where possible 

9 July 2018

Boil water notice issued on the Kilconnell Public Water Supply and Ballyboggan Group Water Scheme in Co Galway remains in place

Notice issued due to elevated levels of turbidity in the raw water

  • Vulnerable customers will receive bottled water
  • Once boiled the water is safe to consume
  • A map of the scheme is available

6 July 2018

Public urged to conserve water as drought conditions continue

Driest June on record since 1850

  • Please conserve water and protect supplies
  • National Water Conservation Order in place
  • Please continue to report all leaks on the public network

5 July 2018

Galway customers urged to continue conserving water during unprecedented dry spell

Public are urged to conserve water in every way possible to ensure a continuous supply

  • Conserve water now and for the months ahead
  • Large commercial users have committed to conserving water
  • Please continue to report all leaks on the public network

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