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10 February 2021

Watermains replacement works commencing in Ballyraine, Co Donegal to improve security of supply for customers and reduce leakage

Approximately 200 metres of old, problematic, water mains at Ballyraine Industrial Estate road and the junction with R245

  • Works will be completed by the end of March
  • Works may involve some short-term water shut offs 
  • Traffic management measures will be in place

3 February 2021

Advice for winterproofing your business premises if unoccupied during Covid-19 restrictions

Business owners can help avoid these issues, expensive repairs and a disrupted water supply, by taking a few preventative measures.

  • It is important to continue the regular maintenance of your buildings
  • Turn off your water while the premises are vacant
  • Drain down the system to ensure that there is no risk of damage from burst pipes 

1 February 2021

Clean Coasts and Irish Water want you to Break Up With Plastic and Think Before You Flush

Clean Coasts are raising awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet and marine life

  • Clean Coasts want to hear your stories on ditching plastic products
  • Ireland is the number one plastic waste producer in the EU
  • Ireland also has the fourth lowest recycling rate

22 January 2021

Irish Water extends public consultation of the first National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) until 1 March 2021

To safeguard public health, facilitate growth and meet the challenges of climate change over the next 25 years

  • The NWRP will provide a country-wide analysis
  • Calculate the demand for now and into the future
  • A twelve-week public consultation will seek feedback

18 December 2020

Customers in Falcarragh-Gortahork area set to enjoy improved water supply following substantial completion of significant water main improvement works

Approximately 6.85km of old problematic water mains throughout the Falcarragh-Gortahork area.

  • Works will ensure a more reliable water supply for the area
  • Works are part of our Leakage Reduction Programme
  • All remaining works to be completed by January 2021

9 December 2020

Works underway to restore water supply to customers in Glencolmkille and surrounding areas following operational issues at Owentskna Water Treatment Plant

Affected areas include Gleann Cholm Cille, Málainn Mhóir, Málainn Beag and surrounds.

  • Works underway to restore supply to affected customers
  • Customers may experience low pressure/outages due to works
  • It may take 2-3 hours for supply to return once works finish

25 November 2020

Essential water main rehabilitation works in Falcarragh may cause disruption to supply

Works are taking place on Friday, 27 November.

  • Works are due to take place between 8am to 4pm
  • Customers may experience reduced water pressure and water outages
  • It may take 2-3 hours for supply to return once works finish

20 November 2020

1km of water mains successfully replaced in Ballindrait resulting in less leaks and improved water quality for customers

Works took place in partnership with Donegal County Council. 

  • Water mains replaced with high density polyethylene (plastic) pipes
  • Works took place along local road L2444
  • Drinking water supply and quality will improve as a result

12 November 2020

Watermains replacement project in Derryconner will benefit customers and businesses in the Falcarragh-Gortahork area

The section of mains that are being replaced are located along the L-1173-1.

  • Works may result in some short-term water shut-offs
  • Traffic management measures will also be in place
  • Work expected to finish by December 2020

9 November 2020

Bridgend customers set to enjoy more reliable water supply following Irish Water mains replacement works

In partnership with Donegal County Council, we are replacing approximately 350 metres of problematic, old watermains in Bunnymayne, Bridgend

  • Works are commencing today, 9 November 
  • Works may result in some short-term water shut-off
  • Traffic management measures will also be in place

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