Group water schemes

Group Water Schemes are privately owned and operated schemes.

Irish Water provides water and wastewater services to customers through the public water and sewerage schemes.

We're responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of water and wastewater plants and the associated pipe networks.

What are Group Water Schemes?

Group Water Schemes are privately owned and operated schemes. The Group Water Schemes’ Programme was introduced in 1962 to provide capital grant aid to rural dwellers for the construction of water distribution systems to pipe water from local water sources such as lakes or boreholes into their homes and farms.

Communities set up voluntary co-operative structures known as Group Water Schemes to privately manage these water distribution systems with current operating costs being funded through contributions from Group Scheme members and Central Government subsidies.

Types of scheme

There are two categories of Group Water Schemes in Ireland.

Private Group Water Schemes

They abstract, treat and distribute their own water supply from a private source such as a lake, river, well or spring. Please note that Irish Water does not have any responsibility for Private Group Water Schemes

Public Group Water Schemes

They obtain water by a connection to a public water supply and distribute this water through a local distribution network owned and operated by the Group.

Group schemes are responsible for the provision of supplies to their customers and the maintenance of their networks irrespective of whether supplies are privately or publicly sourced.