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Prepare for works in your area

We're working to improve your water and wastewater services.

Before planned works take place, follow these steps to help avoid issues with your water supply.

Prepare for planned works

How to get ready for works


Ensure you have enough drinking water

Before the planned outage, fill a jug of water and store it in your fridge. Don't drink the water from your hot water or bathroom taps as this is not drinking water.


Turn off all pre-programmed appliances

All pre-programmed appliances such as dishwashers/washing machines or any other water-using devices are switched off until the water supply returns.


Make sure all taps in your property are turned off

This is important as it can avoid airlocks or flooding when the water returns.


Use the water sparingly

Most storage tanks last up to 24hrs but emptying the tank may cause an airlock.

Supply and service updates

View our supply and service map for the latest updates in your area.