Standing Charge

(per annum)

TypePrice €
All pipes per annum except multi metered agricultural: €150
Multi metered agricultural: €270

Volumetric Charges

TypePrice € 
Water Supply m3: €1.50
Wastewater Services m3: €1.01
Combined m3: €2.51

Domestic Allowance

(per annum)


This is the standard domestic allowance for mixed use premises in your Local Authority area. Business charges apply to the water you use over and above the domestic allowance.

Unmetered Charges

Premises TypeTotal
Premise with mixed supply (partly domestic and partly non-domestic) water only €400
Comercial water and waste water (Non-domestic-water and sewer) €600
Water and waste water with a domestic element (Non-domestic-water and sewer with a domestic unit ) €480
Non-domestic-water only €500

Irish Water's prices are based on the information provided by your Local Authority and are effective from 1st January 2014. Irish Water has made every effort to ensure that prices were correct at time of publishing. 

Payment Types

We offer a range of payment options. Visit our Paying your bill page for details.

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