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Limerick Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Regional Sludge Hub Centre

Project Background

Limerick Wastewater Treatment Plant has been providing wastewater treatment to Limerick City and surrounding areas since the early 2000's.

Uisce Éireann has identified that the plant is becoming overloaded. Upgrades to the wastewater treatment process are required to ensure continued environmental compliance, and to support the growth and development of Limerick City into the future.

The continuation of appropriate wastewater treatment will be vital to protect both human health and the local environment, as population grows and industry continues to expand in Limerick City.

Limerick Wastewater Treatment Plant has also been selected as the preferred location in the Southern Region for the development of a Sludge Hub Centre, accepting sludge imports from smaller plants in Counties Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. This forms part of the National Wastewater Sludge Management Plan which aims to deliver a sustainable and standardised approach for wastewater sludge management.

The existing sludge facility at the plant was last upgraded in 2017 and already treats sludge produced at the plant itself and at smaller plants in Counties Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. 

To find out more about the plan or the sludge hub selection process, visit our pages; National Wastewater Sludge Management Plan, Regional Sludge Hub Centres.


What are the benefits of this project?

When complete, this project will: 

  • Modernise and improve wastewater treatment plant
  • Ensure better health and integrity of the environment
  • Protect water quality in the Shannon Estuary
  • Protect conservation habitats in the Shannon Estuary
  • Provide sufficient capacity to facilitate future population and industrial growth
  • Protect recreational waters for fishing and boating activities
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislative requirements into the future
  • Lower traffic movements and reduce vehicle emissions to and from the plant
  • Reduce operating costs for treating sludge
  • Create potential to reuse treated sludge
  • Create renewable energy on site that can be used to power the plant

Limerick wastewater treatment plant

What's involved?

  • Upgrade existing plant
  • Increase plant capacity
  • Increase sludge treatment capacity

Next steps?

Limerick Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project is at an early stage in its design.

The public will be invited to share their views as the project progresses.

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