Following the advice of the HSE, Irish Water and Wicklow County Council have put in place a ‘Do Not Consume notice’ on the public water supply at the North and South Brittas Bay Beaches.  The notice only applies to the public water supplies at the North and South Brittas Bay Beaches and no other public supplies in the area are affected. The notice has been imposed due to an exceedance in the standard levels of sodium, chloride and arsenic in the supplies.  Historically, these water supplies were not sampled forthese parameters. Since Irish Water took over responsibility for water services, it has introduced increased compliance monitoring of public water supplies. This includes increasing the sampling of supplies and the rolling out of the ‘Improved 2016 Compliance Monitoring Programme’. This programme includes sampling for arsenic in all public water supplies in Wicklow.                                                                 

Irish Water is committed to providing a safe public drinking water supply at Brittas Bay Beach and will work closely with Wicklow County Council  to resolve the issue. In the interim, anyone using the public facilities at the beach must follow the guidelines set out in the  ‘Do Not Consume notice’. The notice has no impact on the bathing waters at the beach. Irish Water wishes to reassure customers using this public drinking water supply  that it is a priority for us to resolve this issue as soon as possible.                                   

Customers using the public drinking water supply at Brittas Bay Beach must follow the advice of the ‘Do not Consume Notice’ and water must not use the water for:

  • Drinking,
  • Drinks made with water                                                                         
  • Food preparation, washing or cooking of food,
  • Brushing of teeth
  • In particular, pregnant women should not drink this water.
  • This water should not be used for making up infant formula for bottled fed infants.  An alternative source of water should be used. If using bottled water, the bottled water should be boiled first (to sterilise) and avoid bottled water labelled as ‘Natural Mineral Water’ as it can have higher levels of sodium and other minerals. It can be used if no other water is available, for as short a time as possible, as it is important to keep babies hydrated.
  • The water can be used for flushing toilets, washing and showering

Customers must note that boiling the water will not be sufficient to make it suitable to consume.

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