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Water Conservation Hub

Due to the current high demand for water, combined with the ongoing low rainfall levels, some water supply schemes across the country are experiencing water shortages and reduced pressure due to low reservoir levels. We're asking the public to help play their part in protecting essential water supplies for their local communities, and to conserve water where possible.

We will continue to monitor the levels at all our supplies over the coming weeks and months and take any actions that may be necessary to maintain supplies. Further details on localised water restrictions are below. Where alternative water supplies are in place, customers are reminded to use their own containers when taking water from the tankers and to boil water before consumption as a precautionary measure as per HSE advice.

Localised water restrictions:

Essential restrictions required in Ballymacraven

Date of issue: 13 June 2023

Population served: 7,881

Alternative water supply location: Tankering to Reservoir, IBCs at Fanore (now ceased)


Night-time water restrictions continuing in Clonakilty

Date of issue: 9 June 2023 weekdays only

Population served:13,509

Alternative water supply location: Intermittent tankering from Bandon.

See more details here.

Night time restrictions introduced on Inis Óirr

Restrictions will be in place nightly from 11pm until 7am starting Wednesday, 31 May 2023.

Date of issue: 30 May 2023

Affected areas: Inis Óirr

Alternative water supply location: Tankering to Reservoir by ship from Spiddal WTP

See more details here.

Essential restrictions introduced in Letterfrack

Date of issue: 07 July 2023

Population affected: 238

Alternative water supply location: Intermittent tankering from Bandon

There are a number of easy steps people can take to reduce their water usage during the hot weather, including:

  • Avoid power washing and keep the garden hose in the shed.
  • Check for leaks on outdoor taps or troughs as these can lead to large losses of treated water.
  • Remember that paddling pools and swimming pools can use huge volumes of water so try to minimise the amount of water used and consider reusing the water for the garden or cleaning the car.
  • Report any visible leaks on the public network to Uisce Éireann.

Water Conservation Advice

Making small changes at home, in the garden, on the farm or at work can make a big difference to saving water and protecting our supplies

Water Conservation for Business

Learn how your business can make a difference by conserving water.

Water Conservation Calculator

Check out how much water you're currently saving and see how you can conserve even more. 

How we conserve water


Managing and repairing the network

During shortages we change how we pump our water around the network. This is so customers on higher ground and on the edges of our networks do not suffer reduced service.


Reconfiguring the network

On larger supplies, we can change the water flows through our pipes to make sure people continue to have a water supply.


Tanker water to drought areas

If a supply is so low that we cannot keep producing water, we bring treated water from another area that is less at risk.


National Leakage Reduction Programme

Through our national programme, we are reducing the amount of treated water lost through leakage across the country.


Increase leak detection and repair crews

We increase crews in affected areas during water restrictions for emergency support. The leaks can be in the public water infrastructure or in private homes and businesses.


Water Conservation Order

In unique circumstances, a water conservation order (or hosepipe ban) is introduced if absolutely necessary. This ensures people only use water for essential purposes.

Check for local works

Works on the water mains in your area can cause short term water quality and supply issues. Check our Service and Supply map to see if there are works happening near you.

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