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Recent Changes

First Mover Disadvantage

Shared Quotable Rebate for compensating the First Mover Developer for other developers making use of the Network Connection Infrastructure it funded.

As per CRU/202342, issued on 19th May 2023, the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities has announced a decision focusing on a specific aspect of Uisce Éireann’s (UÉ’s) Connection Charging Policy (CCP) known as First Mover Disadvantage (FMD).

FMD can occur in areas of new development where a First Mover Developer (FM Developer) triggers new network infrastructure and incurs the costs associated with connecting their land to the existing UÉ network. FMD may arise if the FM Developer funds new network infrastructure as part of their connection and these FM Developer funded assets have wider network benefits in the future. This can create a disadvantage for the FM Developer as subsequent developers connecting may benefit from the connection assets put in place to the cost of the FM developer.

From 19th November 2023, Developers impacted by First Mover Disadvantage may qualify for a Shared Quotable Rebate (SQR) where they have opted into the First Mover scheme. The SQR will be funded by subsequent developers connecting to the FM Developer(s) asset (by way of a Standard Network Infrastructure Charge or SNIC) and will only be paid if subsequent developers connect to the FM Developer(s) asset. A ten year time limit applies between the FM Developer’s connection and the subsequent connection(s).

The SNIC will be charged in addition to any standard and/or quotable connection charges due for connecting housing developments and/or non-domestic unit to UÉ network.

Please see sections 4.2 to 4.4 of the Water Charges Plan (see here for a copy on UÉ’s website and here for a copy of the CRU’s website) for further details including full qualification criteria.

Please see here for worked examples.

Types of Surety

There has been a recent change to the types of financial Self Lay Surety which can be provided to Uisce Éireann. Performance Bonds are now an option for customers. For details on all of the Self Lay Surety options available, please review our Financial Security Policy.

Temporary Time-Limited Refund in respect of Standard Connection Charges for Residential Development

Multi Unit Residential Developments - Uisce Éireann standard connection charges still have to be paid upfront by customers in the normal manner.

Single Domestic Customers who have a valid connection offer may be eligible for a waiver of their standard connection charges. Further details for customers who are seeking a refund or a waiver can be found on the Standard Connection Charges Refund page.