Temporary Time-Limited Refund in respect of Standard Connection Charges for Residential Development


As per Circular PL 04/2023, issued on 28th April 2023, the Government has approved a new package of housing support measures to incentivise the commencement of housing developments and help reduce housing construction costs, including the introduction of temporary time-limited arrangements for the refund of Uisce Éireann (UÉ) Standard Connection Charges.

This temporary refund Scheme applies to permitted residential developments that:

  • commence on site between 25 April 2023 (the date of the Government Decision approving the measure) and 24 April 2024; and
  • are completed not later than 31 December 2025.

The Scheme does not apply to applicable Quotable Charges and/or surety requirements specified in connection agreements.

Uisce Éireann - Scheme Criteria

Customers seeking a refund for Water and/or Wastewater Standard Connection Charges as part of this Scheme will be required to have entered into a Connection Agreement with UÉ and have met all the acceptance criteria, including:

  • payment of the Connection Charge;
  • return of Letter of Acceptance;
  • payment of any required surety/security; and
  • any other conditions as set out within the Connection Offer letter.

Customers seeking a Connection Refund from UÉ shall be required to submit the following via email to connectionrefundscheme@water.ie;

1. Connection Refund Scheme Application Form along with a Site Layout drawing (PDF format) indicating the residential unit(s) associated with this Refund Application.

2. A signed copy of the UÉ Letter of Undertaking for Connection Refund Scheme committing to repay any monies refunded by UÉ if the Scheme criteria are not met (Section B of the Refund Application form).

3. Submit a signed and stamped Local Authority Letter of Approval as part of the refund application in accordance with the Temporary Time-Limited Waiver in respect of Development Contributions and as set out in Circular PL08/2023 (Appendix 6). The Local Authority Letter of Approval shall be for the same development details as contained within the Refund Application and will determine the level of refund to be processed by UÉ.

4. Submit a valid Commencement Notice for the development as part of the refund application, together with a printout of your Commencement Notice from the Building Control Management System.

5. For housing developments that are exempt under the Development Contribution Waiver Scheme, e.g., social housing, you will be required to submit appropriate documentation as part of the refund application from the relevant Local Authority Housing Department (such as a Manager’s Order) detailing the number of houses that will be built under the terms of the applicable scheme to enable you to submit a Refund Application to UÉ. Any documentation provided should relate to the Development specified in the Refund Application.