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Developer Hub

Welcome to The Developer Hub! This webpage is dedicated to Housing Developers, to help you navigate the various processes involved with getting your housing developments connected into the Uisce Éireann network.

In the Developer Hub you will find information about new CDS policy and process changes, which will improve and enhance your connection experience. In addition, this page will keep you abreast of industry news affecting your housing development’s connection into our network. It will also provide a gateway to our Developer Liaison Team, who are dedicated to assisting Developers in their delivery of critical housing across Ireland.

Recent Changes

Recent changes including 'Temporary Time-Limited Refund in respect of Standard Connection Charges for Residential Development' and 'Performance Bonds'.

Developer Liaison Team

The Developer Liaison Team is a dedicated team, who work hand in hand with Housing Developers, to ensure that CDS’ processes can be navigated with relative ease.

Developer Services Forum

The Developer Services Forum is a national multi stakeholder forum set up by Uisce Éireann to provide industry stakeholders with the opportunity to discuss key issues directly with us.

First Mover Disadvantage

As per CRU/202342, issued on 19th May 2023, the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities has announced a decision focusing on a specific aspect of Uisce Éireann’s (UÉ’s) Connection Charging Policy (CCP) known as First Mover Disadvantage (FMD).

CDS Webinars

We host regular webinars throughout the year, where we explain the various CDS processes, the timelines involved, and what to expect along the way. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the all the CDS teams. To register for a future event, simply email

Developer’s Guide to Connect

View our Developer’s Guide to Connect. This is a booklet explaining all the CDS processes and the steps involved with each one. This can be a helpful tool to use when you have a question about connecting your development into the Uisce Éireann network.

CDS News

Be the first to know about any changes within Uisce Éireann and beyond, which may affect your development’s connection into our network. Simply sign up for our newsletter by emailing, we will then add you to our mailing list, and send your regular email updates.