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Developer Processes

View the processes specific to connecting your housing development to water and wastewater.

Pre-Connection Enquiry (PCE) & Quality Assurance

Average timeframe from PCE to COF is 16 weeks

  1. Pre-connection enquiry

    The pre-connection enquiry (PCE) allows us to provide an early indication of the feasibility of connecting your development and what capital upgrades might be required to cater for your development. You will need to submit a pre-connection enquiry form (PCE) and it should be submitted at your project’s inception stage.

  2. Confirmation of Feasibility

    Once we complete the review, a confirmation of feasibility is issued which will indicate if any capital upgrades are required. It may refer to a Project Works Services Agreement (PWSA). A PWSA may be required, when further studies are needed to identify the solution to facilitate your development.

  3. Quality Assurance

    Ahead of finalising your planning application, you will need to submit designs to the Uisce Éireann Quality Assurance team for approval at

  4. Statement of Design Acceptance

    Once the finalised designs have been approved, Uisce Éireann will issue you with a Statement of Design Acceptance. Please note: a Statement of Design Acceptance is a requirement for An Bord Pleanala’s Strategic Housing Development (SHD) process.

  5. Planning application

    You are responsible for completing your planning application. This should include the confirmation of feasibility issued by Uisce Éireann, and where applicable, details of the vetted local infrastructure.

Connection Application Process

Average timeframe from Application to Connection Offer is 16 weeks

  1. Connection Application

    Please submit your connection application form once you have secured planning permission. You, or an agent acting on your behalf, must supply the appropriate documentation as outlined in the application form.

  2. Application Assessment

    We will confirm receipt of your application, and provide you with a unique reference ID. We will then assess your application to confirm that it is still feasible and will calculate the least costly design solution that is technically acceptable to us. We will also advise if any infrastructure works are needed.

  3. Quality Assurance

    As it is likely that your design is now finalised, we will re-check your compliance to the Code of Practice and Standard Details, and you will need to submit designs to

  4. Connection Offer

    We will then issue a connection offer (Self-Lay agreement) providing details of any upgrade works required, along with the associated cost estimate and details of agreed designs. The connection offer will also outline the Quality Assurance regime to be employed to monitor the onsite works.

  5. Accepting an offer

    You can accept the offer by fulfilling the acceptance criteria as set out in the connection offer (Self-Lay agreement).

Physical Connection Process

Average timeline from securing ROL to Connection is 12 weeks

  1. Site Development

    Once you have accepted the offer and are ready to commence works onsite, you can email to request a pre-commencement meeting. An on-site meeting will be scheduled and attended by an Uisce Éireann field engineer. The field engineer will work with your on-site team to complete the quality assurance process.

  2. Physical Connection

    We will apply for a Road Opening Licence (ROL) and complete a design of your connection. Once these are in place, Uisce Éireann or an agent acting our our behalf, will complete the connection. The connection will only be completed when the on site Quality Assurance has been approved.

  3. Meter Installation

    A Bulk Upload Form (the list of units within your development) needs to be completed in advance of the connection, which will allow a Water Point Reference Number (WPRN) to be assigned to each of the units in your development. Once done, Uisce Éireann, or agents on our behalf, will install meters and ancillary devices as required.

  4. Customer Obligations

    The Defects Liability period commences once the Conformance Certificate is issued and lasts for 12 months. At the end of the Defects Liability Period, you will facilitate a final quality assurance check by us, undertake remedial work if required and a Completion Certificate will then by issued by Uisce Éireann.

Construction Phase QA Process - New Connections

Guide to Connect

We have compiled a Guide to Connect booklet to explain how developers can get their developments connected to the Uisce Éireann network.