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Kerry County Council (formerly Listowel Town Council)

Uisce Éireann's prices are based on the information provided by your Local Authority and are effective from 1st January 2014. Uisce Éireann has made every effort to ensure that prices were correct at time of publishing.

Standing Charge (per annum)

TypePrice €
1st Meter (Water In) €105
2nd and subsequent meters (Water In) €20
1st Meter (Waste Water) €88

Volumetric Charges

TypePrice €
Water Supply m³ €1.10
Wastewater Services m³ €0.83
Combined m³ €1.93

Domestic Allowance (per annum)

228m³ This is the standard domestic allowance for mixed use premises.
Business charges apply to the water you use over this allowance.

Unmetered Charges

Premises TypeWater ChargesWastewater Charges
Offices etc, Troughs/Small Business, Farmyards (Domestic Allowance) €290  
Small Offices, Shops, Small Guesthouses (Mixed Usage) €176  
Hairdressers (mixed usage), Surgeries, Chemists etc €468  
Small Shops   €80
Hairdressers   €90
Supermarkets/Butchers   €230
Guesthouses/ Schools/ Medium Sized Commercial   €180