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Laois County Council Area

Uisce Éireann's prices are based on the information provided by your Local Authority and are effective from 1st January 2014. Uisce Éireann has made every effort to ensure that prices were correct at time of publishing.

Standing Charge (per annum)

Price €

Volumetric Charges

Type Price €
Water Supply m³ €0.96
Wastewater Services m³ €1.45
Combined m³ €2.41

Domestic Allowance (per annum)

227.30m³ This is the standard domestic allowance for mixed use premises.
Business charges apply to the water you use over this allowance.

Unmetered Charges

Premises Type Combined
Factories €441 plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation

plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation

Hotels, Nursing Homes, Garages Creameries, Slaughter Houses, Dairies €292
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Golf Clubs €252
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Licensed Premises, Guest Houses, Restaurants €242
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Bakeries, Hairdressers

plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation

Cinemas, Schools €151
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Doctors Surgery, Dentists, Butchers, Beauty Salons, Veterinary Surgeons €126
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Shops, Offices, Business Premises, Builders Yard, Stores, Chemist, Financial Houses, Post Offices €116
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Church €103
Taps €63
Community Halls (Valued) €40
plus €4.36 per €1.27 valuation
Garda Stations, GAA clubs, Halls, Schools, Health Centres, Nursing Homes, Farms, field trough and field connections (not metered or valued under P.L.V. system) €338
Community Halls (not metered or valued under P.L.V. system) €217
Supplies not especially provided for at (A-P) above shall be charged in accordance with the principles applied in determining (A-P)  

Ways to pay

Payments must be made directly to Uisce Éireann (not your Local Authority). You can pay your business water services bill in a number of ways.