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Tipperary Water Supply Rationalisation Programme

Uisce Éireann, working in partnership with Tipperary County Council, is developing the water network to rationalise a number of water supplies in Co. Tipperary to provide a more secure and reliable water supply.

This programme of work involves the construction of new water mains to connect areas where water supply can be challenged, to another supply that is more reliable. The existing drinking water infrastructure in certain areas may not be sufficient to meet demand or the area could be prone to restrictions that can impact the local community. This means we can provide a more secure supply of water to local homes and businesses from elsewhere. We call this 'Rationalisation'.

Rationalisation of a water supply generally means we need to build an extension to the underground water network to connect an area to another supply. In Tipperary, we have recently completed a 1.8km extension of the water network in Upperchurch to supply local homes and businesses from the Kilcommon water supply. The next part of this programme will see a rationalisation of the Glengar/ Cappawhite supply to Ironmills which involves construction of over 5km of new water mains. 

In progress

What are the benefits of this programme?

These new water mains represent a major investment in upgrading the water network to:

  • Increase the security and reliability of the drinking water supply to 98 customers in Upperchurch and 470 customers in Glengar/Cappawhite.
  • Support social and economic development within local communities
  • Reduce the risk of supply interruptions

What's happening now?

The works underway in Glengar and Cappawhite will see the laying of new watermains from the existing Glengar Lower reservoir in the townland of Knockanavar, along the L-5111 and the R505 through Cappaghwhite Village, to the existing reservoir in the townland of Glassdrum Upper.

Will the community be impacted by the works?

Areas of work will be limited to short sections to minimise impact on the community. However, to safely facilitate these works, a road closure is required on the L-5111 Road at Knocknavar from 07:00am on Monday 04 December to 6:00pm on Friday 15 December 2023. 

The diversion route will be via Doon village to the West and the Townland of Losset to the East. Local and emergency access will be maintained at all times. 

The works will be carried out on behalf of Uisce Éireann by David Walsh Civil Engineering and are expected to be complete in Autumn 2024. We understand that this type of work can be inconvenient and works crews will make every effort to minimise any disruption these necessary works cause.

What will happen next?

Works will progress to the west of Cappawhite village after the Christmas break.

We will endeavour to keep the local community informed as this essential water supply scheme progresses.

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