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Leitrim Disinfection Programme

Water Quality

The National Disinfection Programme ensures Leitrim will continue to have safe and secure drinking water. We have been working with Leitrim County Council to assess the water treatment plants in Leitrim.

Veolia Ltd is working on behalf of Uisce Éireann to deliver the National Disinfection Project across the county.

To date, disinfection systems at 2 plants are currently being upgraded and standardised.

The sites being upgraded are Glenade WTP and Carrick on Shannon WTP

In Progress
Water Quality

What is involved

The programme involves assessing the condition and performance of all the sites. We then determine the disinfection systems that need to be upgraded.

  • Works at the plants included upgrades to the:
  • Chemical storage and dosing infrastructure
  • Chlorine contact time provision systems
  • Disinfection systems using Ultra Violet (UV) where required
  • Monitoring instrumentation systems
  • Control, telemetry and automation processes


  • Improve the security of drinking water quality for residents and businesses in Co. Leitrim
  • Improve disinfection systems and standards.
  • Future proofing the security of supplies.
  • Provide improved control of the systems.
  • Ensure continued compliance with Drinking Water Quality Regulations.

Uisce Éireann’s National Disinfection Programme

​Uisce Éireann is investing over €65 million as part of this National Programme across the country. This programme involves the upgrade and standardisation of disinfection systems currently installed in 864 public drinking water treatment plants, reservoirs and pumping stations.

The programme involves an assessment of all of the plants across the country to identify any necessary improvements. To date, we have assessed 811 sites and completed upgrade works to over 257 sites.