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Kinvara Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Project

This €3.5 million project was needed to build a new wastewater treatment plant in order to stop untreated wastewater being discharged directly into the sea at Kinvara.

The seaside town of Kinvara is located on the south shoreline of Galway Bay. The town is a very popular summer destination for day-trippers and holidaymakers who enjoy the active harbour, a number of restaurants, bars, B&Bs and hotels.

Kinvara was one of 44 towns in Ireland where untreated wastewater was discharged directly into the sea as there was no wastewater treatment facilities for the town. The EPA issued a Waste Water Discharge Licence which required the existing discharge of untreated wastewater to be discontinued and a new wastewater treatment plant to be constructed for Kinvara. With a growing local population, a new wastewater treatment plant was essential for Kinvara Town and it's surrounding areas to allow for seasonal/future population growth and further commercial development.

€3.5 million
Aerial view of Kinvara wastewater treatment plant


  • Improved water quality in Kinvara Bay
  • Ensures treated wastewater complies with EPA standards
  • Allows for future population growth and development in the area
  • Increased capacity of the drainage network in the town


  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant to the north west of Kinvara which includes space for future expansion if required
  • Construction of a marine outfall pipe to Kinvara Bay
  • Construction of new gravity combined sewers from the Gort Road, along part of Main Street (East) and along the Quay Road
  • Installion of new connections for all customers along the route of the proposed sewer, leading to the treatment plant
  • Upgrade of the access road to the wastewater treatment plant at Ballybranagan
  • Delivery of a plant to cater for a population equivalent (PE) of 1,300 with additional capacity to cater for peaks during the tourist season
  • Rehabilitation and repair work on existing sewers and manholes on the wastewater network that were identified as being in poor condition following survey works

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