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Kilrush Sewerage Scheme

Wastewater Project

Uisce Éireann has commenced works on Kilrush Sewerage Scheme to eliminate raw sewage being discharged into the Shannon Estuary

Uisce Éireann, working in partnership with Clare County Council, has commenced works to construct Kilrush Wastewater Treatment Plant, to end the discharge of raw sewage into the Shannon Estuary. EPS Group is delivering these works on behalf of Uisce Éireann.

Wastewater from the public sewer network in Kilrush is currently discharged untreated into the estuary. The unacceptable practice threatens water quality, detracts from the amenity value of the area and does not comply with EU regulations relating to the treatment of wastewater.

In progress
A wastewater treatment plant

What is involved in this project?

The proposed scheme will involve the design and construction of the following works:

  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that will serve a population equivalent of 8,500;
  • Upgrade of the existing Frances Street pumping station including pumps, mechanical plant and a storm water storage tank;
  • Sewer pipelines to bring untreated wastewater to the WWTP and treated water to the existing outfall tidal tank at Skagh Point; and
  • The existing outfall pipe will safely discharge the treated wastewater to the lower Shannon Estuary.

What are the benefits of this project?

The provision of improved wastewater treatment for Kilrush will mean:

  • Improved water quality in the receiving waters of the Shannon Estuary;
  • Enhanced environmental amenity of Kilrush;
  • Protection of recreational swimming, fishing, kayaking and sightseeing waters;
  • Provision for social and economic development and future growth; and
  • Compliance with national and EU regulations relating to the treatment of wastewater.

How can I connect into the new sewerage scheme?

Any person or business wishing to get a new connection to public wastewater collection infrastructure must contact Uisce Éireann. You can make a pre-connection enquiry in order to establish whether a connection to the public network is feasible, where the connection can be made and any associated charges. For more information please visit

Next Steps

  • It is expected works will take approximately 18 months with the project due for completion in 2023.
  • We will endeavour to keep the local community informed as this essential project progresses and further details on the timelines shall be provided in the coming weeks and months.

For further information, please visit Alternatively, contact the Project Team at or EPS at 087 1667788.

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