Kilkenny Regional Water Supply Scheme

Uisce Éireann has commenced works to upgrade the water supply to Kilkenny City.

Uisce Éireann, in partnership with Kilkenny County Council, has commenced works on the Kilkenny Regional Water Supply Scheme to improve the security of water supply across Kilkenny City and Environs for over 28,000 people. Glan Agua is delivering the works on behalf of Uisce Éireann.

Currently Kilkenny City & Environs is serviced by two separate water treatment plants (WTPs) at Radestown and Troyswood. The existing Radestown WTP provides for slow sand filtration followed by disinfection, but is unable to remove THM precursors and is currently on the EPA’s Remedial Action (RAL) list. The existing Troyswood WTP also requires a significant upgrade to provide robust water treatment facilities. In addition, the raw water intake at Troyswood is inaccessible in periods of flooding. The existing WTPs also have inadequate capacity to cater for future growth in Kilkenny City & Environs.

In Progress

What is involved in this project?

This project will upgrade and increase capacity at the treatment plant at Troyswood and will become the primary water treatment plant facility for Kilkenny City. A new 2.9 km watermain from Troyswood to the Radestown site will connect to the existing service reservoirs and enable the Radestown WTP to be decommissioned.

Further details include:

  • New raw water intake and pumping facility at Troyswood.
  • Extensive upgrade of the existing Troyswood WTP facilities including; upgrade of the flocculation, clarification, filtration backwash and sludge treatment facilities and provision of a new ultra-violet treatment facility.
  • Provision of high lift pumping station to the Thornback and Radestown Reservoirs.
  • Construction of a new 2.9km long treated water rising main between Troyswood WTP and the Radestown Reservoirs.
  • Decommissioning of the Radestown WTP and associated raw water sources and upgrade works at Radestown Reservoirs.
  • Site works at Troyswood WTP including fencing, access roads, lighting, drainage and landscaping.

What are the benefits of this project?

  • These works will ensure a safe, secure and reliable water supply for Kilkenny City and its surrounding areas.
  • The project will ensure that the water supply is removed from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Remedial Action List (RAL).
  • The project will also enable future growth and development in the city and surrounding areas.

Other works carried out in the area:

These works follow on from Leakage Reduction Programme works completed in 2020, replacing aging watermains across the City. Smaller scale works have also been completed at Troyswood WTP, which replaced an outdated pressure regulation valve that was causing major pressure issues across the network. These works have now mitigated against unplanned water supply outages, high levels of leakage and repair costs.

Next Steps:

Works have now commenced on the project. It is expected to take over 2½ years to complete.

We will endeavour to keep all stakeholders, businesses and residents informed as this essential water supply scheme progresses. For more information and project updates please visit the dedicated project page.