Galway Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Wastewater Project

Irish Water has completed essential upgrades to the old sewers in order to address defects and improve performance.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Galway City Council, has completed the Galway Sewer Rehabilitation project. GMC Utilities Group and McAllister Group Limited worked on behalf of Irish Water to deliver this project.

This project involved the repair and relining of the existing sewers where defects were identified, thereby reducing odour issues and sewer flooding in the area.



  • Upgraded sewer for business and residents
  • Addressing odour issues during storm water events
  • Upgraded wastewater network which will reduce sewer flooding


  • Upgrading sewers in William Street, Middle Street, Shop Street, High Street, Cross Street, Augustine Street and Flood St
  • Sewer cleaning, inspections, CCTV surveys and site investigation works are required prior to commencing the sewer relining
  • Inserting a new pre-cast plastic liner into the existing sewers, which improves the structural stability of the sewer and improves its level of performance
  • Some small local excavations will be required to allow access to the sewer and to install the liners