Duleek to Navan Trunk Watermain

Irish Water is progressing plans to develop a new trunk watermain in Co. Meath between Duleek and Navan, improving security of supply for residents and businesses in Navan.


Irish Water, working in partnership with Meath County Council, is planning to develop a new 16Km trunk watermain between Duleek and Navan.  When complete this new infrastructure will enable Irish Water maintain drinking water supply to Navan if there is any planned or unplanned disruption at Navan’s Water Treatment Plant at Liscarton.  This will be achieved by diverting available treated water from Irish Water’s South Louth/East Meath Water Resource Zone at Duleek and pumping it to Navan’s treated water storage reservoirs at Carn Hill and Proudstown.

The provision of this new trunk watermain is in line with Irish Water's strategic plans to improve resilience in the network and reduce the number of isolated water resource zones where large populations are vulnerable to interruption to supply.

Figure 1: Layout of Navan Water Resource Zone (LHS) and South Louth/ East Meath Water Resource Zone (RHS)

What are the benefits of these works?

The new works carried out as part of this project will improve the security of the drinking water supply for homes and businesses in Navan.

What is involved as part of this project?

It is proposed by Irish Water to develop a new trunk watermain in existing public roads between Duleek and Navan as follows:

  • L1610 Boolies Little (South of Duleek) to the junction with the N2 at Balrath
  • R153 Balrath to Kentstown
  • R153 Kentstown to Casey’s Cross, Navan

A planning application has been submitted to construct a new 2.7km trunk watermain in the townlands to the east of Navan Town Centre for a link between Carn Hill and Proudstown reservoirs. The proposed works will require crossing under the River Boyne between agricultural lands adjacent to St Mary’s Cemetery on the Boyne Road and agricultural lands adjacent to Blackcastle Estate on the Slane Road. An underground crossing will also be required under the Navan to Drogheda railway line.

To minimise the impact to the community and the environment, it’s planned to deliver both crossings using trenchless pipeline installation techniques.

What is happening next?

Consultations have been on-going with all landowners identified on the proposed scheme. Irish Water was unable to acquire consent for all of the required wayleaves and lands on a voluntary basis. Given the importance of the project to improving Navan’s security of supply, Irish Water will in December 2021 endeavour to acquire the wayleaves and lands by way of Compulsory Purchase Order pursuant to the provisions of the Water Services Act, 2007 (as amended). 

The timeline for the commencement of works is subject to the Compulsory Purchase Order and relevant statutory approvals.  We will endeavour to keep you updated as the project progresses.

Where will the construction be carried out?

Figure 2: Overview of the Project Infrastructure (OS Mapping)

Figure 3: Proposed route of trunk watermain between Duleek and Navan (Aerial Photo)

Figure 4: Proposed route of trunk watermain within Navan (R153/ Boyne Road/ N51Slane Road)

Will there be traffic management in place?

As the new trunk watermain is in the public road the project will require a significant amount of Traffic Management. Typical traffic management measures may include temporary traffic lights, stop/go systems, road closures and diversions. Signs will be erected in advance of works commencing to ensure road users are aware of current and upcoming traffic measures.

Local access and emergency access will always be maintained and regular engagement with the community is planned throughout the project duration.

We will provide further information on traffic management measures as the project progresses.