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Duleek to Navan Trunk Watermain

Uisce Éireann is installing a new 16km regional trunk watermain from Duleek to Navan in County Meath, to safeguard water supply in Navan.

In Progress

Uisce Éireann is progressing the Duleek to Navan Trunk Watermain project, which is one of a number of strategically important projects underway to increase the security and resilience of drinking water supply across County Meath.

This project represents an investment of €41m to safeguard the water supply to homes and businesses in Navan. Coffey Construction Ltd. has been awarded the contract to deliver this new infrastructure on Uisce Éireann’s behalf.

The provision of this new 16km regional trunk watermain and pumping station will create a strategic link between the Staleen Water Treatment Plant Network, at a point just south of Duleek, and the Proudstown and Carn Hill Reservoirs which provide treated water storage for Navan.

What are the benefits of this project?

When complete, this new infrastructure will help Uisce Éireann:

  • Maintain drinking water supply to Navan if there is any planned or unplanned disruption at Navan’s Liscarton Water Treatment Plant.
  • Support social and economic growth, including housing development in Navan, which has seen unprecedented growth in recent years

What is involved as part of this project?

The proposed works will involve the construction of 16km of new regional trunk watermain in the following existing public roads between Duleek and Navan:

  • L1610 Boolies Little (South of Duleek) to the junction with the N2 at Balrath
  • R153 Balrath to Kentstown
  • R153 Kentstown to Casey’s Cross, Navan
  • Local roads linking Carn Hill Reservoir to Proudstown Reservoir

The proposed works will also require a crossing under the River Boyne and under the Navan to Drogheda railway line. However, to minimise the impact to the community and the environment, it is planned to deliver both crossings using trenchless pipeline installation techniques. Coffey Construction Ltd. are due to commence works on this project in Q2 2024. It is anticipated that the project will be complete by the end of 2025.

What is happening next?

As the new regional trunk watermain will be installed in public roads, this project will require a significant amount of traffic management, which will be implemented in consultation with Meath County Council. The community will be kept up to date on these plans and on timelines for commencement of works. We plan to engage regularly with the community throughout the duration of the project. At all times, local and emergency access will be maintained to properties along the route.

Current Traffic Management measures

LocationPlanned WorksTraffic Management 

Along the pipeline route at various locations on the L1610 (Deenes) through to Navan along the R153

Site Investigation (SI) works Stop/Go and temporary traffic light System in place at various locations along the L1610 (Deenes) through to Navan along the R153 over the coming weeks

Long-term Plans for Co. Meath

This project is one of several strategically important drinking water projects planned or underway by Uisce Éireann in County Meath. The Duleek to Navan Trunk Watermain is in line with Uisce Éireann’s strategic plans to improve resilience in the network and reduce the number of isolated water resource zones where large populations are vulnerable to interruption to supply.