Ballymagroarty Water Supply Scheme

Water Project

Works completed to provide a safe drinking water source for over 700 people supplied by the Ballymagroarty Water Supply Scheme.

Irish Water, working in partnership with Donegal County Council, has completed works to improve the water quality for over 700 people supplied by Ballymagroarty Water Supply in Donegal. This €500,000 investment was completed in Q3 2019 and will ensure the delivery of a clean, safe drinking water supply to the area.  

Prior to upgrade works, the treatment process for the water supply was insufficient due to inadequate protection against cryptosporidium, which resulted in a Boil Water Notice (BWN) being issued for the area. The upgrades have provided a more advanced water treatment and disinfection process, improving the drinking water quality for the area. 


What was involved?

  • Installation of a new containerised plant at the site to include an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system, protecting against cryptosporidium and other bacteria.
  • Installation of a filtration plant, storage tanks and pumps.
  • Upgrades to the chlorine contact control system and the telemetry system.
  • Upgraded various sections of the water mains network.
  • Extended the intake point on Lough Gorman to a more suitable location at the source in the middle of the lake.
  • Project was delivered by EPS Group, T&L Gallagher Ltd and Coffey Group Ltd on behalf of Irish Water.


  • Provided a safe, clean drinking water supply for the population supplied by the Ballymagroarty Water Supply Scheme.
  • Enabled the removal of a boil water notice for the area in October 2019.
  • Improved drinking water quality.
  • Improved disinfection systems and standards for the water supply scheme.
  • Ensured compliance with the drinking water regulations.