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Avoca Sewerage Scheme

Sewerage Scheme

Uisce Éireann is working to end the unacceptable practice of discharging untreated wastewater in Wicklow.

The project will bring benefits in terms of health, integrity of the environment and improved water quality for all. Upon completion the project will:

  • Eliminate the discharge of untreated wastewater
  • Protect the receiving waters and local environment
  • Ensure compliance with the Wastewater Treatment Regulations

Uisce Éireann, working with Wicklow County Council, is progressing with plans to upgrade the wastewater infrastructure in Avoca. The existing Avoca wastewater treatment plant is located off Tower Avenue in Avoca, Co. Wicklow, and serves the agglomeration of Avoca Village.

When originally constructed in the early 1970s, the Avoca wastewater treatment plant provided primary treatment for an estimated design population equivalent of 500 population equivalent (PE). The existing Avoca wastewater treatment plant no longer operates satisfactorily and as such does not provide treatment, resulting in raw sewage discharging directly into the Avoca River.

Uisce Éireann is committed to ending the unacceptable practice of discharging raw sewage in Ireland by constructing wastewater treatment plants and network infrastructure. We are working to ensure that wastewater is adequately treated and meets appropriate standards before being safely discharged into the marine environment.

What is involved as part of this project?

The project will include the:

  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at Kilmagig South.
  • Access via Tower Avenue.
  • The new plant will serve a population equivalent of 1,900, which equates to treating 2,690 wheelie bins of raw sewage per day, prior to safe discharge to receiving watercourse.
  • Construction of storm water storage tank.
  • Construction of new outfall pipes to the Avoca River.
  • Construction of new reed beds which will dewater treated sludge using solar evaporation. This will provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the long-term treatment of sludge from the wastewater.

Figure 1: The Proposed Avoca Wastewater Treatment Plant Site Location

What are the benefits of this project?

Once completed, the new wastewater treatment plant will:

  • End the current practice of discharging untreated wastewater into the Avoca River which will significantly improve the water quality in the river.
  • The project includes the capacity for future growth in the area.
  • Safeguard human and environmental health.
  • Ensure compliance with European regulatory standards.
  • The new wastewater treatment plant will enhance biodiversity at the site through habitat creation.

Figure 2: Aerial view of the proposed wastewater treatment plant at Kilmagig South

What are the next steps?

The proposed works will require planning permission and Uisce Éireann recently submitted a planning application to Wicklow County Council. Commencement of works will be subject to planning and statutory approvals. Works are due to commence on this project in 2024.

How can I connect into the existing sewerage infrastructure?

Any person or business wishing to get a new connection to public wastewater collection infrastructure must contact Uisce Éireann. You can make a pre-connection enquiry in order to establish the feasibility of a connection to the Uisce Éireann network. Pre connection enquiry is a free service which allows you to find out whether a connection to the public network is possible or not. For more information, please see the Connections section of our website.

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