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Uisce Éireann Gender Pay Gap Report

15 December 2023

Today, Uisce Éireann has shared details of its second Gender Pay Gap report for the period June 29th 2022 to June 28th 2023. The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of males and females across the organisation. We are reporting a mean gender pay gap of 9.16% this year, meaning that on average, males earn 9.16% more than females, based on all organisational levels.

Uisce Éireann requires a range of skills and capabilities to deliver transformative water services that enable communities to thrive. We have a strong dependency on STEM based skills and in that context we, like other industries, face challenges in achieving greater female representation in our STEM skilled workforce. We continue to take actions to address this and to reduce the gender pay gap.

CEO Niall Gleeson has responded to Uisce Éireann’s report stating, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is an evolving landscape and as an organisation, we aim to make improvements by regularly reviewing our policies, practices and procedures to align ourselves with the changing needs of our employees. We look forward to continuing our work towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace”.

Uisce Éireann People and Safety Director, Dawn O’Driscoll has also commented on the report stating, “This year we have established a number of set actions that we feel will help bring us closer to our goal of enhancing gender diversity. We are committed to continuously challenging societal norms and playing our part in removing biases and barriers in the workplace. We embrace the challenge and strive to continuously foster a culture where all employees can fulfil their potential.

At Uisce Éireann, we are proud to provide all employees with equal opportunities and we continue to demonstrate our full commitment to creating an open and inclusive workplace. While we offer many existing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives and supports, we are excited to continue our important work in this space.

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