Irish Water has announced details of a €1.25 million project which will directly benefit businesses and residents in Sligo Town to improve water pressure and secure the water supply.

The O’Connell Street Water Main and Sewer Rehabilitation Works project will improve water supply and water quality to the O’Connell Street area of Sligo and improve the condition of the existing combined sewer culvert that runs north to south along the street. This represents a major investment by Ireland’s national water utility in Sligo.

The project will be undertaken in advance of Sligo County Council’s O’Connell Street Enhancement Project works programme to commence in 2017.

The works include the completion of approximately 510 metres of water main rehabilitation and 210 metres of sewer rehabilitation works on O’Connell Street (and also extending into some adjacent streets) and all ancillary works including replacement of water main consumer connections.

The water main rehabilitation works will result in significant improvements in network performance and level of customer service in terms of supply pressure, security of supply, fire flow capacity and operational pressure as well as delivering significant savings in terms of leakage reduction.

Declan Cawley, Asset Programme Regional Lead, Irish Water said; The replacement of water mains and water services connections is vital in reducing leakage levels in the City and in addressing serious deficiencies in our water supply. This water conservation initiative underpins Irish Water’s policy to develop an effective asset management approach to managing our water network while providing a reliable drinking water supply which will support future economic development.

The existing brick culvert that conveys waste water and storm water along O’Connell Street dates back to the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Recent surveys that have been undertaken within the culvert have shown it to be in poor condition structurally and badly in need of rehabilitation. Over the years there have also been other services laid through the top of the culvert which have adversely affected its structural integrity and hydraulic capacity. This project will involve a complete rehabilitation of the culvert running along the entire length of the street".

Other benefits include:

  •          Security of water supply and improved customer satisfaction;
  •          Reduced network maintenance costs associated with burst repairs on the existing water mains;
  •          Reduced risk of damage to public road and associated traffic hazards;
  •          Reduced risk of sewer collapse;
  •          Reduced risk of flooding from the sewer;
  •          Reduction in infiltration to the sewer network.

The works will take place along the full length of O’Connell Street with works extending along the junctions of O’Connell Street/John Street/Grattan Street and O’Connell Street/Lower Knox Street/Wine Street.

It is anticipated that construction will commence in September 2016 and will be complete by the end of November 2016.

Residents and businesses in the affected areas will be notified ahead of the works commencing and provided with contact details should they have any questions.


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