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Shannon leads the way for Sustainable Water Management

Shannon, Co Clare is leading the way for Sustainable Water Management as the second town in Ireland to take part in Uisce Éireann's Sustainable Water Towns Initiative, in partnership with Chambers Ireland. The initiative is being rolled out by Uisce Éireann following the successful launch of their innovative and world-leading Water Stewardship Programme in March of this year.

This initiative is one of several ways that Uisce Éireann is supporting businesses to drive down their water consumption and save money on their bills. Uisce Éireann is now seeking businesses to attend Shannon Chamber's 'Water Conservation for Business Masterclass' online on October 20 at 12pm.

Uisce Éireann's specialised training provides business owners with the knowledge and expertise to lower water consumption and reduce operating costs while protecting the environment. Small changes such as identifying water wastage on site, setting a baseline for water use, raising awareness amongst staff and customers or upgrading to water efficient devices can help to save water and money.

Members of Shannon Chamber are also asked to go to our website to take the Water Conservation Pledge ahead of the masterclass. There they can pledge to become water conservation champions, make a commitment to learn to identify and compare water waste, or use water efficient devices all in the name of making effective change to protect the environment.

Christine Crawford, Uisce Éireann Business Marketing and Communications Lead said: "Safeguarding our precious water resources is a top priority for Uisce Éireann. For that reason, we are delighted to partner with Shannon Chamber to launch the Sustainable Water Town Initiative in County Clare. Conserving water not only helps protect your local supply - it can also protect the environment, boost your reputation and reduce your bills. Any business, big or small, who wish to register for the masterclass should contact Shannon Chamber."

Helen Downes, CEO Clare Chamber added: "Enabling companies to monitor and reduce their water consumption is a very positive move both towards lowering operating costs and helping the environment. We are delighted to support this masterclass and will encourage our members to complete the pledge in advance of the session. Including a case study in the masterclass will demonstrate the efforts that are being made by companies to manage their use of water."  

Uisce Éireann has developed three steps to support businesses to move to more sustainable water management. The first step is the Water Conservation Pledge which only takes minutes to complete. This is followed by free online Water Conservation Training, and finally businesses can enrol and become a Certified Water Steward.

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