Irish Water has submitted a planning application to Louth County Council to upgrade the Tinure Wastewater Treatment Plant. The investment includes the construction of a new storm water holding tank and pumping station and the installation of new inlet screening at the wastewater treatment plant. These works will ensure more efficient treatment at the plant. The new storm water tank will increase the capacity at the plant and reduce the risk of overflows at times of storms and heavy rainfall. This will benefit the environment as the investment has reduced the risk of overflows to the White River. If the planning permission is granted, the works are expected to commence in Q4 of this year.

Commenting on the project Padraig Farrell, Capital Programmes Lead, East and Midlands Region, said “Investment in the Tinure Wastewater Treatment plant will increase the efficiency of the plant and reduced the risk of overflows at times of heavy rainfall. This investment will benefit the environment as the risk to overflows into the White River will be reduced.”

Irish Water collects wastewater from over 1,000 separate communities connected to the wastewater network and treats around 1,600 million litres of wastewater daily before discharging it back into our rivers, harbours and coastal areas. By 2021, as outlined in the Irish Water Business Plan, we plan to have all discharges to our rivers and seas treated before being released. Our programme of work will include, not only improving capacity to ensure Irish Water can facilitate the growth of the new homes and industry but also protecting our coasts, which has a huge impact on tourism and local businesses.


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