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Night-time water restrictions introduced for Kilcash

Due to extremely low levels of water on the Kilcash Public Water Supply Scheme, night-time restrictions are required to restore reservoir levels and maintain daily water supply to customers. 

The restrictions are required to give the reservoir time to replenish and will take effect during this off-peak time, as there would be insufficient water supply to homes and businesses during daytime hours without some measures being put in place.

The restrictions will be implemented from 8pm to 8am commencing tonight and will continue until further notice. Certain customers, depending on their location on the network, may take additional time for their supply to return. 

Speaking about the restrictions and the need for everyone in Tipperary to continue conserving water, Uisce Éireann's Operations Lead for Tipperary, Colin Cunningham said, 

"We understand that the people of Kilcash are frustrated with the current situation regarding their water supply. The good weather has really put a strain on the supply, resulting in low pressure and outages. Now, the supply level is dangerously low, and we need to bring in night-time restrictions to allow the reservoir time to replenish. Thankfully the weather forecast is looking like it might rain in the coming days, and this should relieve some of the pressure on the supply. 

Uisce Éireann is still urging the people across Tipperary to continue making every effort to conserve water as drought conditions throughout the county are causing a severe depletion of water supplies. There are several supplies where capacity is extremely tight and there are also a number of schemes where customers are experiencing reduced pressure and intermittent supply. 

"We are again appealing to residents, businesses and the farming community in Tipperary to reduce their water usage as the situation worsens. We are asking people to be sensible about how they use their water so that we have enough for everyone during the daytime and that the businesses of Tipperary can continue to operate as normal.

"Higher than normal water demands can cause network performance issues in localised areas on schemes. High usage can lead to pressure reduction and intermittent supply. One such area is parts of the Fethard Regional scheme; namely Moglass, Arbourhill, Killenaule and Ballinure. Any reduction customers can make in their usage can collectively result in major improvements for all customers."

"We will continue to work with our colleagues in Tipperary County Council to monitor and manage supplies across the county to ensure the people in the area have a safe and reliable water supply," added Colin.

Areas under severe pressure and where customers are experiencing impacts such as reduced pressure and intermittent supply include; Carrick on Suir (Crotty's Lake Supply), Coalbrook, Tullohea, Kilcash, Glengar, Templemore and Templetoughy. Also parts of the Fethard Regional Supply network including Moglass, Arbourhill, Killenaule and Ballinure. 

The public right across Tipperary is being asked to:

  • Avoid power washing and keep the garden hose in the shed
  • Take shorter showers and refrain from baths unless absolutely necessary
  • Check for leaks on outdoor taps or troughs as these can lead to large losses of treated water
  • Remember that paddling pools and swimming pools can use huge volumes of water so please refrain from using at this time and if already filled consider reusing the water for the garden or cleaning the car
  • Report any visible leaks on the public network to Uisce Éireann at or call 1800 278 278. 

Where householders experience very low flow or pressure, lower than neighbouring properties, they may have a service pipe leak. Uisce Éireann's First-Fix-Free Scheme can help with the location and repair of external leaks. Details at or call 1800 278 278.

 It's important that we all consider our water usage and look at simple yet impactful ways to conserve water. It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, but even small changes can make a significant difference - and we can all play our part. To help people do this Uisce Éireann has developed an easy-to-use conservation calculator so that you can work out how much water you are currently saving and how you can conserve even more. The free Water Conservation Calculator is available on the Uisce Éireann website,, where you can also find lots of useful water saving tips.

The Uisce Éireann customer care helpline is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278 and customers can also contact us on Twitter @IWCare with any queries. For updates, please visit the Supply and Service Updates section of our website. 

Uisce Éireann is responsible for the delivery of all public water and wastewater services in Ireland. We are committed to continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support the growth needed in housing and across our economy, while protecting the environment and safeguarding water supplies.

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