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Families across Ireland capture water saving ideas for photo competition

Green-Schools, in partnership with Uisce Éireann, announced the winners of its Water Conservation Photo Competition today. The competition encouraged families all over Ireland to save water by asking students to do water saving activities at home, and for parents/guardians to put a photo of them on Twitter or Instagram. The best five photos were chosen by Green-Schools, with winning families getting waterproof cameras.

The winning entries for the competition this year included a fantastic system to keep plants watered in the summer; a smart way to save water when washing a car; an inventive idea to use the water from a tumble dryer for watering plants; a family who always saves water washing their teeth; and a grandad and granddaughter working together on a rainwater harvesting system.

Water is a critically important resource and while we are fortunate in Ireland to have plentiful supplies of fresh water in our rivers, lakes and underground aquifers, the droughts we have experienced in recent summers have underlined the fact that we cannot take these precious water resources for granted. Green-Schools encourages water saving through its water theme, which is sponsored and supported by Uisce Éireann. The photo competition is a chance for parents/guardians to get involved in water saving activities at home especially during the summer months when water supply can be short.

Green-Schools Manager Cathy Baxter said: "Through our water theme we encourage water saving in schools, at home, and in the community. However, parents/guardians are not always involved, and we want students to keep thinking about water saving when the schools are closed. The photo competition gives an opportunity for the whole family to be part of these important water saving activities and to think about them throughout the summer when it can often be most needed. We are very impressed with all the great water-saving activities that have been shared across social media, encouraging others to do the same."

Geoffrey Bourke, Uisce Éireann's Strategy and Capability Manager, added: "We can all play our part in conserving water, whether that's at home, in school or in the workplace. The inspiring ideas presented as part of this competition show the great work that is being done by students and their families all over Ireland, helping to safeguard our water for our future.

Uisce Éireann's sponsorship of the Green-Schools Water Theme is in its eighth year and in that time over 2,000 schools have attended interactive Water Workshops and Walk for Water Events. Last year alone, Green-Schools saved over 600 million litres of water. As well as running workshops and Water Ambassador training for students in participating schools, Green-Schools also runs an annual poster and video competition on a water theme. Due to COVID 19 restrictions and school closures, the Green-Schools programme successfully moved much of its interaction online for the school year, with new content and innovative virtual events.

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