Crews complete significant upgrade to water network in Strandhill

18 April 2023

As part of its commitment to upgrade and improve water supplies across the North West, Uisce Éireann, working in partnership with Sligo County Council, is delighted to announce the completion of a major water project in Strandhill, to improve water quality. The project was prioritised as part of Uisce Éireann’s national Leakage Reduction Programme. 

This project, which represents a substantial investment by Uisce Éireann, involved the replacement of over 3km of old cast iron water mains in several locations in the popular seaside village. The old mains were replaced with modern pipework along Shore Road, from Sandy Cove Estate to the Rugby Club, along Buenos Aires Drive and the Top Road bringing Strandhill’s water network into the 21st century, ensuring a more safe and secure water supply for the area. 

Highlighting the importance of this major project for Strandhill, Declan Cawley, Programme Manager with Uisce Éireann, said: “Aged cast iron pipes have been a constant challenge to the water quality of homes and business in Strandhill. Over time, cast iron pipes can deteriorate and affect water quality and pressure. Through our strategic approach to managing the water network in Sligo, Strandhill’s old and damaged cast iron water mains were prioritised for replacement and will ensure significantly improved water quality and supply for residents and visitors alike.”

Declan added: “The scale of the works undertaken was significant, and we would like to thank the public and in particular customers in homes and businesses for their cooperation and patience while we worked hard to upgrade and improve water quality and supply in Strandhill.”

James Melvin, Senior Executive Engineer of Sligo County Council said: “The importance of providing a secure water supply for the busy seaside village of Strandhill cannot be underestimated. The provision of a reliable water service is essential to the economic and social development of Strandhill and Sligo County as a whole. Together with Uisce Éireann we are witnessing yet another step in the right direction to achieving this overall goal. The successful completion of this project is a testament to the collaboration and dedication of everyone involved in this project.”

Reflecting on the importance of the works for Strandhill, Mayor of Sligo Borough Municipal District, Councillor Tom MacSharry said: “As a result of the collaboration between Sligo County Council and Uisce Éireann, this project has significantly improved water quality, benefiting homes and businesses in Strandhill while also reducing disruptions to supply and drinking water lost to underground leaks. Over the last decade we have seen a significant increase in Strandhill’s population, safeguarding our water for our future has never been as important as it is now. I would like to thank the local community for their patience and understanding as these essential works were completed.

Uisce Éireann is responsible for the delivery of all public water and wastewater services in Ireland. We are committed to continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support the growth needed in housing and across our economy, while protecting the environment and safeguarding water supplies.